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question, what happens to all that lost luggage at the airport? take a look at this jewelry, high-end fashions. this is the lost and found for luggage that never gets claimed and you won't believe what it is selling for now. then a lot of dads have wondered, but this dad actually tried to find out what it's like to be pregnant. he wore a pregnancy suit in an experiment that lasted nine weeks. my back hurts already. he'll tell us all about it later on. >> he looks really good. you look good in that suit, really. we'll begin, of course, with that breaking news, the tragic loss in the world of country music. troubled star mindy mccready has died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound. andrea canning, you spoke with the star just a few week ago. >> so sad and so bizarre we were just there. i texted her a couple of nights ago asking her how she was and how sorry i was and i never heard back. now it appears she was battling those demons, those personal demons sthee had for so long.
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sunday night neighbors her two gun shots. she is said to have shot her dog and herself in a place that had great meaning for the singer. >> i just keep telling myself the more suffering i go through, the greater character i'll have. >> reporter: in her final interview last month before reportedly taking her own life, country singer mindy mccready sounded hopeful, but things apparently became too much to bear. >> i don't know why he did what he did. he's gone. i cannot get him back. >> reporter: dan hanks, los angeles-based private investigator and long-time friend advised mccready on personal matters over the years. for business purposes and with her consent, hanks often says he recorded their phone conversations. the last one on saturday afternoon. >> i would have never guessed that she would have gone ahead and done what she did. >> reporter: she got emotional, talking about her new song "i'll
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see you yesterday." >> it's such a beautiful song. it must be heard. >> reporter: ironically written to try to help those contemplating suicide. >> now it's so clear that that was what she was doing, preparing her last statement in this video. >> reporter: authorities found her body on this porch shall the same place where her boyfriend, david wilson, died last month. police have not ruled yet whether his death was murder or suicide. >> the police have not called you a suspect, but do you feel like just the way that it came out in the story that it was damaging in itself? >> i was hurting so bad and then they just did whatever they could to make it hurt even more. ♪ guys do it all the time >> reporter: the country star was once at the top of the charts. was better known recently for her public struggles with addiction. she had recently won a bitter custody battle to get her son back, but in the days following
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david wilson's death, her two boys were placed in foster care. friends say she had a brief stay in a mental health facility but was released. >> my life hasn't ever really made sense to me, because i -- i do know what kind of person i am. and i do know that i -- i try to be as good a person as i could possibly be every day. >> police say it does appear to be suicide, but they are conducting an autopsy at the arkansas crime lab, the same lab where her boyfriend's death is being investigated as well. her two young boys are still with the foster family and she told me they werehe reason she got up every day. that's where your heartbreaks here is for those two little boys, one of them just 9 months old. >> terrible story. thank you, andrea. billy mcknight is mccready's ex-boyfriend and father of their 6-year-old son. he joins us exclusively.
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good morning. so sorry for your loss. >> good morning. thank you. >> you've known mindy for 15 years. you've watched her struggle. what was your first reaction when you heard she did this? >> as sad as it is, it didn't come as a major shock, because she's just been battling demons for so long. and, of course, i was around her when she attempted suicide twice. so, you know, i knew it was in her. i feel for her mother and her family and especially my son, you know. but i can't say that it shocked me, no. >> a lot of people are thinking of your son and zain as well. mindy was institutionalized by the court because of her grief after david wilson took his life and your son, xan dechlt r, was put into foster care as a result of that. what's your reaction to that? >> this whole thing -- he
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shouldn't have been taken from me to begin with. he was taken out of florida. he has a happy home here. i can provide for him. it's just been a really big mess and enough is enough. he's up there, all alone. he has no family in arkansas. he has plenty of family who love him here, cousins, aunts, uncles. he needs to come home. and, you know, zain -- i don't know what's going to happen with zain. if he does go to ft. myers where her family is from, it's only an hour and a half difference. i would like to keep those boys being brothers together and try to turn my son's life around. he has had a rough first 6 years. he deserves better than this. and my heart is broken for him right now. i'm very worried. >> billy, mindy was in the hospital for two days, then moved to an outpatient program. do you think she might still be alive if she had been kept in the hospital for treatment? >> i would like to think that. i don't know how she got out.
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i don't have those exact details. mindy does have a way of talking her way out of situations that maybe she shouldn't have been so good at, perhaps staying in there and grieving around people that could help her over the death of her fiance, could have calmed her down. but the demons that she hasn't beaten were there. and until she was going to face them, something was going to happen. and everyone who knows her personally knew that. you talk about it. so, you know, i don't know how much -- she would have had to probably stay in somewhere for quite a long time until she really healed and started looking into herself or getting better. >> billy mcknight, we appreciate your time. our thoughts are with you, your family and your son. thank you. >> thank you. folks in the northeast are digging out this morning after the latest winter storm.
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al is upstairs with the latest on that. good morning, al. >> good morning, carl. this one really is almost adding salt to the wound after all the snow we got from last week. you can see this system pushing itself up, making its way up along the coast. some places getting blizzard-like conditions. look at the snowfall totals. boston, picking up to five inches of snow, howotiz, six inches. they're looking at more snow. they've picked this up. rhode island also saw a decent amount of snow throughout that region. again, folks digging out, trying to keep things clear. and down in florida -- oh, my gosh, this cold air goes all the way down there, where there are frost and freeze warnings up. here are some of the temperatures we've got this morning. pensacola, 39. tallahassee, 26. 38 in tampa. miami at this hour, 39 degrees.
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during the day today, temperatures will rebound. not by much. 71 in miami. 67 in vero beach. tallahassee, 62. jacksonville, 64. we've got a couple of big storms coming during the next week or so. we'll have a very active week weatherwi weatherwise. savannah? >> al, thank you. we'll check back in with you in a few moments. in the case of olympic sprinter oscar pistorius, accused of shooting his girlfriend to death on valentine's day, michelle kosinski is in pretoria, south africa, with the latest. >> reporter: his career had him set to race in four continents and his agent just canceled everything. quoting police sources about what allegedly happened inside his home that morning. >> you fall in love with being in love with love, just one love everywhere.
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>> reporter: full of life is how friends remember reeva steenkamp in her new television show. >> i take with me so many things, things in here and things in here that i'll treasure forever. >> reporter: for many, too painful to watch as new details keep coming as she was allegedly killed on valentine's day at the hands fs her love. reeva's skull was damaged, cricket bat is being xmed. she was allegedly first shot in the bedroom then through a bathroom door. friends say he frantically call them before 4:00 am that morning. i said to him, what are you talking about? he then repeated himself, there has been a terrible accident. i shot reeva. the other friend says she reportedly arrived to carry a barely breathing reeva down the
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stairs and they both tried to save her life. the young woman who seemed to savor every moment, every good-bye. >> i think the way you go out, not just your journey in life, but the way you go out and make your exit, is so important. you've either made an impact in a positive way or a negative way. always be true to yourself. and i'm going to miss you all so much. i love you very, very much. >> reporter: so, pistorius' bond hearing is tomorrow. some legal experts feel there's a chance he will be released, which some women's groups here have vocally opposed. savannah? >> michelle kosinski, thank you. karen maun is a reporter for the news station in south africa. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. >> this comes down to whether this is a premeditated murder, as police allege, or whether it
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was an accident, as oscar pistorius' family claims. how difficult a case will this be for oscar pistorius to make, that this was an unintentional shooting? >> reporter: if he can't prove this is an unintentional shooting, he faces charges of premeditated murder, the most serious kind that you can have in the south african system. premeditated murder means not only that it will be incredibly hard for him to get bail from the court but also that he faces a possible life sentence in jail if he is, in fact, convicted of reeva steenkamp's murder. >> i know we've not seen all the evidence, not even close. you've been talking to your own sources within the police department there. what does the forensics tell us so far? >> reporter: well, we know that when oscar pistorius was carrying his girlfriend down the stairs after he allegedly shot her three times in a very confined space, a little bathroom stall upstairs, that
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her heart was still beating. now he says he was desperately trying to save her. that's what he has told family and friends. forensics would show that she was in an incredibly confined space, she could not have possibly gotten away. what will be crucial to him is convincing a court that he had no idea that it was, in fact, her inside that bathroom stall, that he reasonably believed it was an intruder. problematic for him, however, is consistent with this evidence from the residents who live in that complex, that they heard the shouts of screaming and arguments in the moments before the shooting and then three or four shots fired in very close succession. what will be problematic for him is convincing a court he didn't know it was her and that there hadn't been some previous altercation in the moments before the shooting. >> a lot of reports flying around in the tabloids. what do you know about this report that there was a bloody cricket bat at the scene? >> we know he kept a cricket bat
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next to his bed because of apparent sbangt paranoia that he would be under attack. the gun he kept was fully loaded at all times and the picture is emerging of someone who lived in complete fear and apprehension for most of his life, particularly these last few years. however in this stage there's no evidence that that bat was actually used to bludgeon reeva steenkamp. we know it was seized and under testing but no evidence that she actually suffered a head wound as a result of that bat. the head wounds we suffered at this stage, from what we understand, was from the bullet he shot her with in the head. >> reporter: very, very quickly, tomorrow is the bail hearing. do you think he will get bail? are we likely to see more of the evidence at this stage in the case? >> reporter: it would be incredibly unusual for him not to get bail. we know the state will put up an incredible fight, arguing that this was planned and premeditated murder. in the south african justice
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system unless absolutely exceptional circumstances exist, it is highly unusual for someone in his position, have iing the status that he has, not being a flight risk and being prepared to hand in his passport not to be given bail, particularly the argument that his lawyers will make. it will take some time because the investigation involved in this case for the matter going to trial and keeping him in jail for that length of time would not be in the interest of justice. >> karyn maughan, thank you. natalie morales is over at the news desk with a look at our other stories this morning. good morning. good morning. pope benedict's successor, anne thompson is there with more. good morning, anne. >> reporter: good morning, natalie. the conclave to elect pope benedict's successor is scheduled to begin between march 15th and march 20g9, but there is talk it could be moved up because the karmds who will elect the new pope are coming
7:15 am
here to rome to say good-bye to pope benedict february 28th. we should hear some word perhaps this week. asked who will succeed pope benedict the pope himself yesterday set off a flurry of speculation at his weekly blessing when he addressed the crowd in spanish, he asked them to pay praise for himself and the future pope. some wondered was he sending a secret signal that he would prefer to see a pope from latin america? i spoke to a vatican spokesman who said there was no secret signal, just the pope offering a prayer. >> anne thompson, thank you. >> nbc's white house correspondent kristen welker is in port st. lucie, traveling with the president. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, natalie. president obama heads home later today after a weekend of golf, including a game with tiger woods on sunday. the debate over immigration reform back in washington is
7:16 am
escalating. new white house chief of staff dennis mcdonough on "meet the press" after a leaked copy of the president's immigration proposal, creating a new visa, allowing illegal immigrants to become legal residents within eight years. mcdonough says the president has not proposed a bill yet and is hoping congress will act first. >> we'll be prepared in the event that the bipartisan talks going on on the hill which, by the way, we're aggressively supporting. if those do not work out, we'll have an option that we'll be ready to put out there. >> reporter: republicans slammed the report, including a key player in the bipartisan talks, marco rubio saying if actually proposed the president's bill would be dead on arrival. senator john mccain accused the white house of playing politics. >> leaks don't happen in washington by accident. >> reporter: democrats engaged in damage control. >> we've talked to senator
7:17 am
rubio. he is fully on board with our process. i am very hopeful that in march we will have a bipartisan bill. >> reporter: an administration official says that leak was not planned. now that bipartisan group of senators continues to work on immigration reform but passage is not certain with lawmakers still sharply divided on key issues. natalie? >> kristen welker, port st. lucie, thank you so much. lost his job after being charged with slapping a toddler on a minneapolis to atlanta flight. accused of hitting the 2-year-old and calling him a racial slur. the boy's mother says he appeared to be intoxicated on the flight and lashed out at their baby when he started to cry. his attorney says he will plead not guilty to the federal assault charge. another history-making win for danica patrick. stock car driver became the first woman to nab a top spot for any race in nascar's premiere circuit, winning the
7:18 am
daytona 500 pole with a lap topping 196 miles per hour at the international speedway in florida. she says she was raised to be the fastest driver, not the fastest girl. she proved that. talk about nerves of steel. diver ocean ramsey ditched her shark cage to tag along with the real deal. a massive great white shark, hitching a ride on its dorsal fin, the pair float along peacefully. she shot the video for go pro. she's been swimming with sharks since she was 12 years old. >> i knew it was going to be good because of the peaceful music that we're hearing, not the -- big difference in the music, right? that's always the key sign. mr. roker, gosh, i can't believe boston's got it again. >> they do, and now cold air and wind to deal with as well, as
7:19 am
does much of the northeast. it feels like it's 2 below in boston. air temperature of 16. 4 in watertown. afternoon temperatures bounce back not very much. upper teens to low to mid 20s. rest of the country, single digits below zero temperature readings in the northern plains. we're looking for 70s and 80s down through texas. big storm to talk about. we'll tell you about that coming up in a little bit. first, we've got your local forecast after this message. and a cheetah. om'r okay. a spaceship. a spaceship. and what's slow? my grandma's slow. would you like it better if she was fast? i bet she would like it if she was fast. hm, maybe give her some turbo boosters. tape a cheetah to her back. tape a cheetah to her back? seems like you have thought about this before. [ male announcer ] it's not complicated. faster is better. and the iphone 5 downloads fastest on at&t 4g. ♪
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7:21. happy monday to you. temperatures will be cool today. you can leave the umbrella at home. you'll need it tomorrow. 57 in livermore. 57 in gilroy. 56 degrees in san jose. the beautiful sunny weather that we experienced over the weekend coming to a fast halt. temperatures are going to be on the cool side all week long. we'll also see a good deal of cloud cover until this weekend where the sun will come back out and we'll warm up just a touch. >> savannah? >> okay, al, thanks. coming up, look who is getting ready to join us as our special co-host. >> michael jordan? what? wow! >> back up. back up. steven harvey is joining us as co-host. michael jordan is turning 50. we'll have the stories in t
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coming up, michael jordan
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turning 50 years old. we'll take a look at his success off the hard court. >> we'll have a look at that, plus more after your local news on a monday morning. i was living with pain -- all over. the intense ache made it hard to do the things that i wanted. my doctor diagnosed it as fibromyalgia -- thought to be the result of over-active nerves that cause chronic, widespread pain. lyrica is believed to calm these nerves. i learned lyrica can provide significant relief from fibromyalgia pain. so now, i can do more of the things i enjoy. lyrica is not for everyone. it may cause serious allergic reactions or suicidal thoughts or actions. tell your doctor right away if you have these, new or worsening depression, or unusual changes in mood or behavior. or swelling, trouble breathing, rash, hives, blisters, changes in eyesight including blurry vision, muscle pain with fever, or tired feeling. common side effects are dizziness, sleepiness, weight gain and swelling of hands, legs and feet. don't drink alcohol while taking lyrica. don't drive or use machinery until you know how lyrica affects you. those who have had a drug or alcohol problem
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may be more likely to misuse lyrica. with less pain, i'm feeling better with lyrica. ask your doctor if lyrica is right for your fibromyalgia pain. now you can help too. when you buy a bag of pedigree, you'll help more shelter dogs go home. join us. feed your dog pedigree. and you'll help us feed more shelter dogs. the time is 7:26. good morning, everybody. i'm jon kelley. san jose police just finished up cleaning up following a deadly rollover crash on blossom hill road after 11:00 last night. an officer was conducting a traffic stop on capital expressway when a dark suv swerved and tried to run that officer over. the officer followed the suv and the driver of that suv was attempting to get away but ended up losing control on blossom hill road near monterey road.
7:25 am
that suv flipped over and crashed right into a ravine. >> officers were able to make contact with two juvenile females who exited the vehicle. they also went down the ravine and contacted the suspect driver who was ejected out of the vehicle and took him into custody. san jose fire was on scene almost immediately. they tended to the suspect and the suspect died from his injuries from a vehicle accident while in our police custody. the two girls were taken to a hospital and are expected to be okay. police say the suv was stolen. that scene was not cleared until one hour ago. let's check in with christina loren for the forecast. a cool start to the week. >> it is. good morning to you. good morning, jon. temperatures this morning mostly in the 40s. a couple 30s popping up in santa rosa and novato and 50 degrees to start the day in oakland. throughout the afternoon you'll notice plenty of cloud cover. that's indicated by the white shading here on the visibility map. the only place we're really suffering in terms of low visibility is in the north bay with thick pockets of fog for
7:26 am
the next hour. 57 degrees in livermore today. 56 in fremont. 56 down in san jose. 10 to 15-degree drop off from yesterday's highs. tomorrow we'll break into upper 40s with rain on the way. let's check your drive and see how we're doing in that department. hey, mike. >> we're still holding with the light volume of traffic. that's good news. bay bridge no metering lights. it's presidents day holiday. schools and businesses. a lot of them are off today. we'll look at the map. we'll show you the approach. no problems. you do watch west 980 toward 18th earlier car fire we talked about at the 24 interchange at the 18th off-ramp. watch that. transit modified schedules of b.a.r.t. and muni saturday schedules. ac transit sunday schedule and caltrain specified as modified. back to you. >> all right. we like modified. thank you very much. we'll have another local update in one half hour from right now at 7:56. we hope to see you then.
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well, how thin is too thin? the clothes may be beautiful, but some people worry about what the message is when all the models are so skinny. well, now one country is going so far as to ban overly thin models. we'll get the latest on that story. first, 7:30 on a monday morning. it is the 18th day of february, 2013. and i'm sav annah guthrie.
7:29 am
we both travel a lot, right? we're both on the road. have you ever lost your luggage? >> i never have. knock on wood. >> at some point in time it's going to happen. >> i know. i've jinxed it. >> if your bag never makes it back to you, it may end up here in the mother of all lost and founds. you will not believe some of the things they've picked up over the years. >> hope janet picks up that belt. inclusion is a lesson taught every day to children of all different abilities at a school here in new york. steve harvey is here. actor, comedian, talk show host, game show host. for a couple of hours this morning, he will be one well caffeinated co-host. >> little tip from sg to you, that is not the coffee you want. there's a better stash of coffee. all right. he has a lot to -- yeah, don't even -- throw it right out. exactly. you're welcome. but first, last night in houston, nba's best face off at the all-star game. off the court, a basketball
7:30 am
legend was doing a little celebration of his own. craig nelson is here with that story. >> a sign we are all getting old. michael jordan celebrating the big 5-0. there's a heat about the greatest, six championships and six time mvp, all-star. that's just his accomplishments on the court. what's the man who is half a century old going to do now? >> jordan. >> jordan going all the way! >> jordan going the length of the floor. >> reporter: official nba bio, michael jordan is the greatest basketball player of all time. >> you sit there with your mouth wide open, just watching what he was able to do athletically. >> reporter: trophies, records and feets of flight, he transcended the game and became
7:31 am
a global icon. >> better eat your wheaties. >> can't beat the real thing. >> on almost every national commercial. may have been the most marketable sports figure in history. >> i am here to announce my retirement from the game of basketball. >> reporter: a decade after walking away from the game, forbes magazine says jordan still rakes in about $60 million a year from shoe sales alone. with six restaurants and his own nba team, charlotte bobcats, he reportedly made about $80 million last year. his net worth about $650 million. lately, jordan has been rumored to be dropping weight and beating rookies half his age, fueling speculation that he may return to the hardwood. >> there's no truth to michael jordan playing basketball again. what michael jordan has always very much enjoyed is seeing the public guessing about what can michael jordan do this time. >> reporter: if he doesn't want to play again, what does the 50-year-old want for his next
7:32 am
step? work on his handicap, lavish wedding for his fiance or maybe, finally, wins for his abysmal basketball team? that would be a happy birthday. >> as you just saw there, savannah, michael apparently has been having trouble selling shoes lately. for his birthday, he wanted you -- >> nice. is this my size? they're enormous. >> the white ones are yours. those are for carl. >> these? >> he knows you're a baller. he wanted you to spin it around 30 rock to drum up some business for him. >> wow, 50 years old. >> 50. you lived in chicago. >> that was the only place to be after -- want to play a game of horse? >> like we normally do. craig melvin, thank you so much. >> thank you. let's get a check of the weather from al. >> all right. thanks so much, guys. we've got a sign that says it all. you've never been colder. where are you from? >> long island.
7:33 am
huntington, long island. >> oh, you've been colder. and watertown. you know cold. let's see what we've got for you for today. winter storm warnings, blizzard warnings and wernt weather advisories from the dakotas into michigan. this is part of the system pushing its way across, little clipper system will bring some snow with it. nothing too horrible. we're talking six to nine inches in northern minnesota. generally one to three inches. rest of the country, we expect to see plenty of sunshine up and down the east coast. it is going to be cold and it's going to be windy. windy and wet weather from the lower gulf on into the mid and upper mississippi river valley and another big system coming in from the pacific northwest may cause real big problems as we get toward the latter part of the 7:35. happy presidents day to you. a live look over san jose. you can see here we have overcast conditions. thick stratus clouds layered up.
7:34 am
more clouds than sun today and as a result nothing to warm us up meaning temps will be cool today. 57 in livermore. 57 in gilroy. 57 degrees in los gatos. 56 for san francisco. as we head through tomorrow, we have rain on the way. a potent cold front will bring temperatures down and bring us three to four hours of steady rain for tuesday. >> that's your latest weather. don't forget, get your weather any time you need it. go to weather channel on cable or online. carl? >> al, thanks. fashion week just wrapped up here in new york. a chance to see the latest styles and to renew the debate over those waif-like models used to promote them. one country is saying enough is enough. nbc's jim maceda has that story. jim, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, carl. well, kate moss, giselle and clearly many of the models here at london fashion week as well, beware. it's now official. you'll be out of work, at least in israel, if you're too thin. every photo shoot is a personal
7:35 am
victory for israeli model margo stelman. her sister, also a model, died from anorexia, the eating disorder. but stelman, 21, is working at the highest level and not starving herself. >> i thought it a very sad, sad thing to it. and now we're bringing the healthy models back. >> reporter: in fact, super thin models are now illegal here. israeli law bans them from working if their body mass index or bmi, combination of height and weight, is less than 18.5. that is, less than 118 pounds if you're 5'7". it also prohibits advertisers from publishing digitally manipulated images without a clear, written warning that the pictures you are seeing are photo shopped. >> they look at the tv and want to be skinny without any reason just because they saw beautiful and skinny girls. that, we can change.
7:36 am
>> reporter: an iconic fashion photographer until one of his models died in his arms from anorexia. shocked, he put down his cameras and reached out to hundreds of sick, young models, offering help. he eventually pressed politicians to pass the world's only law that protects the vulnerable from the fashion world's dark side. >> for now they're not going to be too skinny. this is the difference between life and death. >> reporter: model whose lived on crash diets are flocking to his studio and eating burgers during breaks. but not everyone is happy. an international model whose image appears on some of the world's top magazine covers, but her bmi is too low to work in israel. she thinks it's a stupid law. i'm a healthy person, she said, but this law deprives me of the right for me to practice my profession. indeed, it never would pass in another country that suffers from eating disorders.
7:37 am
america. >> that would not fly here. it would be an impermissible abridge to free speech. >> reporter: spreading, embraced by young models, putting the pounds back on and loving it. some israelis leading that charge say they're coming to new york in april to persuade top fashion companies to ban super thin models there as well. the fight, they say, has just begun. we'll see. carl, back to you. >> jim maceda, thanks, jim. steve harvey getting ready for his close-up, co-anchoring the next two hours on "today," right after this. this day calls you. to fight chronic osteoarthritis pain. to fight chronic low back pain. to take action. to take the next step. today, you will know you did something for your pain. cymbalta can help. cymbalta is a pain reliever fda-approved to manage chronic musculoskeletal pain. one non-narcotic pill a day, every day,
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7:42 am
from the dozens of almost new ipads to the pricey headphones. it's all from someone's lost luggage. >> when people travel, they're going to pack their best things when they go on their trip. some really good things in our store. >> reporter: most wayward bags are eventually reunited with their owner, some 70,000 are permanently lost each year. then there are the phones, ipods and cameras left on planes with no identification. >> why don't people put their names on these? >> reporter: unclaimed baggage center in alabama buys it all by the pound. then sorts it and sells it at a discount. many as 7,000 items are put out every day. some of them, brand new. jeremy mcartie bought this for her husband, for herself, pricey jeans at 80% off. >> there's all kinds. it's just loaded.
7:43 am
>> reporter: beyond the clothes and electronics -- >> okay, so what? >> exactly. >> reporter: a trip here is a voinl into the unusual. >> how did it even come in? was it in a suitcase? >> it wouldn't seem hard to find the owner of this, a championship belt. would i have a problem getting through security? owners have settled with the airline. but how could you ever really replace an engagement ring or a wedding gown? dozens end up here every well. >> i didn't realize it was a vera wang. it wouldn't surprise me, though, because it's beautiful. >> reporter: do you need one? >> no, i don't. if i could fit into a size zero, i might buy it just to say, look, i can get into a size zero vera wang. >> reporter: janet shamlian, sko
7:44 am
scottsboro, alabama. we will finally get to say hello to our co-host of the day, steve harvey. getting a little comfortable. we'll talk to him right after this. their capital one venture card to fly home for the big family reunion. you must be garth's father? hello. mother. mother! traveling is easy with the venture card because you can fly any airline anytime. two words. double miles! this guy can act. wanna play dodge rock? oh, you guys! and with double miles you can actually use, you never miss the fun. beard growing contest and go! ♪ i win! what's in your wallet? rich and creamy cheese in indulgent, mouthwatering flavors you just can't resist. and at 35 tiny calories per wedge, you're free to indulge in every last bit. the laughing cow cheese. have you laughed today? ♪ start right. ♪ kellogg's simple grains cereals
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7:47 am
actor, comedian and talk show host steve harvey made an appearance here last week. this morning he is literally taking over the show. >> that's right. steve is co-anchoring our 8:00 13w9 being hours. how are you? >> i'm excited. this is really big for me.
7:48 am
>> you showed up 11 minutes early at 7:49. i love it. >> no, i've been here a lot earlier. this is the most teases i've done ever in my life. he's coming. he's coming. >> now you're here. >> we're all very excited. what have you been doing to prepare? >> i had to brush up on my reading a little bit. >> i thought you were going to say brush my teeth. >> well, i've done that, too. now, you know, i've been looking at the teleprompter a little bit because i want to make a good impression. i'm sitting in for a legend, matt. i wanted to kind of be -- >> you're dressed snappy like matt. >> this is my anchor man suit. i put this on for that right here, some little bit more -- you all -- >> very dapper. >> i'm a little intimidated by the size of that pocket square. >> excuse me? >> wow! >> see, you're in news so you have to keep them down. mine is like a flower. yeah. >> does a pocket square say a lot about a man's personality? >> i think it does.
7:49 am
i think men should be more into pocket squares. i think it's another element. ladies, you have so many different things you can wear, so many different ways. we just have a shirt and tie. >> flower it out just in honor of -- how does that look? >> yours has a little bit of an outline to somehow help bring it up a little bit more. >> yeah. >> we understand hoda and kathie lee make an appearance on your show today. >> yeah, they do. >> i think we have a clip of that. let's take a look. >> kathie lee and i are going to be asking these guys some questions. hoda will get to give her input. but ultimately, hoda's date will be chosen by kathie lee. yeah. >> why are you applauding? >> all right? are you ready to meet the guy? >> ready. >> fellows, come on out. >> that's a tease. >> you're setting up hoda. you're fixing her up.
7:50 am
>> yeah. and she picked the right one. >> was it a love connection? >> i don't know. we're going to find out. we followed them with a little camera. >> very romantic. >> not awkward at all. >> i like the one guy for hoda. i think hoda is a great lady. i loved having them on the show. you have to see it. i had them on the show and i didn't talk. it was my talk show. >> did they drink? >> did they drink? no. you've got to watch because they really -- >> what did you lerp about them that you did not know before the show? >> well, i learned that this thing in my ear is new and it's bugging me to all -- i don't know who this person is in here talking to me. >> enjoy the next two hours, because that's the same -- >> wait till you hear from our director, joe michaels.row it o >> that's what we're seeing. as he hosts the 8:00 and 9:00 hours. , we replaced people with a machine.
7:51 am
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7:54 am
right now the time is 7:56. good morning. i'm jon kelley. in just a few minutes from right now, we should get new details about a boat crash that killed one man and injured another over the bay this weekend. a speed boat collided with a golden gate ferry near angel island on saturday afternoon. the two men in that speed boat were hurt. one of them ended up dying from the injuries yesterday. at 8:00, we're supposed to learn today the names of those men. the coast guard right now investigating that crash and expected to release those findings sometime this weekend. let's say a very good morning to christina loren to talk about our monday forecast. good morning.
7:55 am
>> good morning to you, jon. 7:56 now. you can see plenty of low clouds. overcast conditions. a little bit of blue breaking through though and that will be the case for today. we'll see more clouds than sun. with limited sunshine that means temperatures are going to struggle even at noon to climb into the upper 40s and low 50s. you'll be at 50 degrees when you break for lunch at san jose. rounding out the day at 56 degrees. 57 for gilroy. 56 in fremont. and 55 degrees in oakland. we'll hold off on the rain until tomorrow morning. at this time tomorrow tracking showers on the radar. potentially getting strong thunderstorms tomorrow afternoon as well. then wednesday into thursday, we'll clear you out but keep clouds and cool temps. 7:57. let's check your drive. >> great morning for a drive through fremont. only thing i noticed was more haze or gloom there. you will be chipper because of the drive. speeds 880 smooth here. let's look at the map. same area marking the direction with headlights flowing south with arrow here as well. that's just north of mission.
7:56 am
680 smooth off pleasanton and sunol. nice easy drive 580 through livermore. no major injuries and slowing and there's the easy south bay. back to you. >> so smooth you had to reach to find some traffic. all right, mike. thank you very much. we're back in a half hour with more. hope to see you then. you can't move the tv there. yuh-huh. we have a wireless receiver. listen. back in my day, there was no u-verse wireless receiver that let you move the tv away from the tv outlet. we can move it to the kitchen, the patio, the closet and almost anywhere. why would you want a tv in the closet? [ both laugh ] ♪ [ fancy voice ] brilliant idea, darling. ♪ [ female announcer ] the wireless receiver.
7:57 am
get u-verse tv for just $19 a month for 1 year when you bundle tv and internet. rethink possible.
7:58 am
8:00 now 8:00 now on this monday morning. it's the 18th of february, 2013, president's day. holiday for a lot of folks. we have a great crowd joining us on the plaza. good morning to them and good morning to you at home. i'm savannah guthrie. along with al roker, carl quintanilla and star co-host steve harvey is here. >> who thought of this?
7:59 am
>> it's a great idea, right? >> yeah. this is really fun. >> a great couple of hours with you this morning. on your show, you have, what do you call it, money week? >> this week is money week. we're giving away thousands and thousands of dollars to a lucky audience member. when the audience member gets into the booth, there's a purple and gold bill. if they win the gold bill they win a very special prize. if they get the purple bill, the whole audience gets a prize. and we have a sled that you can ride in the snow or in the grass. they made me get on it, of course. >> all kinds of things you might -- >> no manly way to sit on it. >> you look happy about it. >> no manly way to do it so you just sit on it. >> you're going to answer some questions from folks on the plaza and over at the nbc experience store. can we discuss your other segment, the pregnancy story?
8:00 am
>> there was a guy who wore what's called an empathy garment. he put the suit on so he could get the feeling of what it is to be pregnant. he wore it for nine weeks. i think a lot of women are going to have a little problem with this. he doesn't get the rest of the stuff like, does his, you know -- >> you know what? we look forward to that segment. >> swollen feet and milk. >> hormones. >> losing his mind and biting his own hand and, you know. >> we'll look forward to that in your interview. that's coming up this hour. we'll also take you to a unique school here in new york city. it's aim is to teach a wide variety of kids of different abilities and backgrounds all in the same classroom. we want to remind you about this friday's friday field trip. savannah, natalie, willie and i are going to miami. that's right. we're hitting the south beach,
8:01 am
south beach wine and food festival and everything it entails. in fact, savannah, willie and matt will be my celebrity helpers at the barbecue thursday night. >> we're going to be your sous chefs because i can't cook. >> wondering why he couldn't have been invited to that show. >> miami show with the barbecue, can you really grill, al? >> oh, yeah. >> he grills good. >> i have two barbecue cookbooks. >> oh, that's right. >> come on. i'm ready to go. >> and you used to have a little weight on you. >> that's right. i used to wear that pregnancy empathy suit. >> a lot to get to with our celebrity co-host steve harvey. let's get to natalie morales with a check of the top headlines this morning. good morning to you once again. life troubled by addiction and domestic problems has ended in an apparent suicide for country singer star mindy mccready, suffering a single gun shot to the head.
8:02 am
her boyfriend's shooting death last month at the same home was also being investigated as a possible suicide. she topped the charts with "guys do it all" and "10,000 angels." oscar pistorius has canceled all races he was scheduled for, spending his time behind bars charged with the murder of his girlfriend reeva steenkamp. south african media sources are saying she was first shot in his bedroom, then through a bathroom door. they also report that the woman's skull was damaged and a cricket bat is being examined. sending hundreds of russians to the hospital friday could turn into a financial windfall. keir simmons joins us with the latest. >> good morning, natalie. they now believe it exploded in the atmosphere with a force of 30 russian nuclear bombs,
8:03 am
shattering into pieces, every one worth thousands of dollars. falling spectacularly, as if from heaven last week, now russian websites are advertising fragments of the meteorite for sale. the question, how would you know you were buying the real thing? fragments are worth more than almost anything else on earth, one smashing a hole in thick ice. crowds gathered. a piece of meteor a valuable find, selling for up to 20 times the price of gold. the world's museums display them. >> this is one of the first meteorites we've ever studied. >> reporter: this one worth a royal visit last year. meteorites such a big deal that the science channel is running a special tonight, russian meteor explosion with experts who spend their lives hunting meteors. >> people like to have something from out there. >> these are actually alien visitors from other parts of our solar system.
8:04 am
>> reporter: the meteor the size of a baseball over california. such night-sky displays are frequent. the size of the russian meteor was rare. 1,200 people were injured. an event like this is one in every 50 years. others say it's even rarer, 1 in 100 years, making this meteor gold rush even more competitive, experts say. 53 real fragments have been found so far, natalie. >> keir simmons in london. thanks so much, keir. our quick roundup of what has you talking online. ma cta rebuttal, raising more than $100,000 in the past week by selling real water bottles. he even earned a spoof on "saturday night live." >> can you not see? >> where? >> it's never that far away.
8:05 am
it's right in front of you. >> where is the water? >> it's back where you were. >> which way? >> back where you were. >> and there it is. >> snl, as rubio jokes that his thirst was brought on by eating dry roasted peanuts and beef jerky. no laughing matter, but thanks to his squeaky sound he is becoming a viral sensation. the frog may sound funny but check out this intimidating shot the photographer also posted online. i don't think that's anything to squeak at. how about a hole in nine? take a look.
8:06 am
that shot, part of the golf management business curriculum at campbell university in north carolina. i think they all get a's for that. 8:07 right now. let's go back outside to al for another check of your weather. >> hello, mr. gopher. how are you? >> out here too long, al. >> never too long. this is the part of the weather where we talk to someone and find out where they're from. >> can i say, this is my best sign today. four score -- i mean, nine years ago i was born. >> what's your name, sweetheart? >> jade. >> where are you from? >> doylestown, pennsylvania. >> ready to do a little weather? >> let's go. >> we start off with the pick city. roll the pick city, ladies and gentlemen. austin, texas. >> been there many times. >> 76, mild.
8:07 am
storm moving into the west coast tuesday with rain and snow. >> there you go. spread it around a little bit. spread it around. >> that's right. going to be looking at rain anywhere about a quarter inch to half an inch of rain up and down the west coast. heavy mountain snows in the southern sierra and northern sierra as well. going to be looking at rain today in chicago. >> i'm on the way back to chicago this evening. >> no, you're not. >> yeah. oh, i'm not? >> just kidding. look at it snow -- look at it snowing in the upper great lakes and wet weather in the pacific northwest. windy and cold. you might be delayed a little bit leaving because of the winds here. >> al, i've got to go back. >> you're going back. set the way back machine, sherman. that's what's going on around the country. here's what's happening in your neck of th
8:08 am
>> you ought to think about neck of th >> you ought to think about doing your whole show
8:09 am
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before you begin an aspirin regimen. i'm a fighter and nowadays i don't have that fear. [ male announcer ] learn how to protect your heart at i am proheart on facebook.
8:12 am
plaza, i'm here with steve harvey, who is co-hosting the next couple of hours. you have a segment on your show called "ask steve." we're at the nbc experience store across the street. we're going to play ask steve. >> all right. >> go ahead, sarah. >> my girlfriends and i have all been married over 30 years. do you have any advice for us or our husbands? >> i think you're doing great if you've been married over 30 years. you should actually write a book. most people don't make it that far. congratulations. keep doing what you've been doing. keep it fresh and new. that's all. >> all right, sarah, thank you. >> it's working.
8:13 am
>> all right. we've got leslie from georgia. she also has a relationship question. >> hey, steve, good morning. my mother is going to kill me. she's in her mid 50s and she's looking for love. do you have any relationship advice for her? hey, mom. >> well now everybody at the church knows it's your mama now. that will be real good. i tell people all the time, i used to be against online dating but it really is a smart way to go. it helps you weed through some of the garbage without wasting your time going out. no need getting dressed up for a guy that's not worth it. >> stay at the computer. okay. karen from florida about parenting. >> i have a very strong willed 6-year-old that will not get out of my bed. what do you suppose i do? >> how about you buy the 6-year-old a bed? that's a new concept. it's called children's furniture. no, you know, i mean, are you married? >> yes. >> yeah, it's got to be --
8:14 am
>> the only one that won't get a little more have interesting in his bed, you know, because he can't be in there because dad's really not happy, i'm sure. dad's little playpen is pretty much shut down. >> all right. that brings us to christina from mississippi. another question about parenting. >> good morning. how are you? >> good. how are you? >> i'm great. hypothetically speaking if you were on the airplane and your child got slapped in the face, what would you do? >> well, i'm familiar with this story right here. and you just want me to give you an honest answer? they're going to need a lot of policemen at the gate when we land. if you slap my child, you're completely out of line. i don't slap my children. you can't come on a plane and slap my child. i'm going to have to do some very undaytime things to you. let's leave it at that. >> it's probably a good place to wrap up. steve harvey and our
8:15 am
questioners, thanks. we'll do it again. teaching the spirit of inclusion. we'll be back after this. ♪ [ male announcer ] make your escape... twice as rewarding.
8:16 am
earn double points or double miles on all your hotel stays through march thirty first. sign up now at advil pm® or tylenol pm. the advil pm® guy is spending less time lying awake with annoying aches and pains and more time asleep. advil pm®. the difference is a better night's sleep.
8:17 am
>> announcer: brought to you by citi, supporting progress for 200 years. back now at 8:19 with stories of progress "today."
8:18 am
msnbc's alex wagner is here to tell us about a school here in new york city putting students of different abilities in the same classroom to learn side by side. good morning. >> good morning, carl. as more and more attention turns to learning disabilities and education, the ideal school is expanding the definition of diversity and adding inclusion to the lesson plan. >> d. >> what was the word? >> democracy. >> reporter: max is not a typical child but his mother wanted him to have a typical school experience. >> when it came time to looking for school for kindergarten we wanted something that was similar to the preschool experience we had, go to school with his peers and other kids his age regardless of their ability or situation. >> reporter: audit ra zuckerman and the parents of two other children with down syndrome founded the ideal school in new york city. >> arrested in 1964 -- >> reporter: representing a school with a new -- learn
8:19 am
alongside children with no special abilities. >> when we talk about inclusion. >> education and mental ability, ideal offers unique solutions. teachers build a curriculum based on each child. entire class will focus on the same top he can, each student has a lesson plan drawn to his or her needs. the sixth debride is reading beowulf. >> they can learn something, maybe by differentiating through the different books. they do know when someone is bragging or boasting, they do know when someone is putting their lives on the line to save others and they also know what it's like to be at a table saying "beowulf, beowulf."
8:20 am
>> reporter: students never miss lessons or feel stigmatized for being pull out of class. the head of the school believes that a social education is as important as an academic one. >> if you are only in a class with peers who have special needs you're not having role models for the typical behavior that would perhaps help you move at a faster pace. >> reporter: she says for children without mental or physical disabilities, diversity teaches important lessons. >> those students also are gaining so much from being teachers from learning empathy, compassion, kindness. >> reporter: parents see the effects firsthand. >> the kids are partners with each other. they support each other. they advocate for each other. >> reporter: ultimately, ideal believes accepting others begins with accepting yourself. >> you don't have to leave part of you at the door when you come to this school. >> reporter: in the best case, that acceptance becomes something much bigger. pride. >> he is a ham.
8:21 am
he's accepted for that. that is part of who he s he is so proud of the fact that he has down syndrome that he doesn't think of it as a negative. it's just something about himself and who he is. >> we should mention that the ideal school is private and students with special needs do pay more to attend the school, which is how it's able to have multiple teachers in every classroom. financial aid has been a big part of the school's mission, to ensure, of course, a diverse student body. carl? >> watching some of that video, alex, the impact on those kids with special needs must be amazing. >> the kids with special needs grow up not thinking that anything -- there's nothing different about them, that they have nothing to be ashamed of. on the other side, the kids that grow up, quote, unquote, normal, have a completely different conception of what it means to have down syndrome. they just treat each other in a really, actually, beautiful way. it's a very special place. >> how easy would this be to replicate around the country? should parents who see this in california think maybe this is coming my way, too?
8:22 am
>> resources are part of it. raising the money for it, tuition piece and financial aid piece is definitely a consideration. it begins with parents and teachers and educators saying, look, this is the kind of environment we want to establish. maybe if the school isn't singularly dedicated to bringing these students together, it's about integrating the classroom. >> if your kid is, say, gifted or talented and slowed down some way in this classroom? >> i think it's mitigated by the fact that they have tailored experience. you're getting special attention in the classroom no matter what. >> alex, thanks for the story. they say you can't be a little bit pregnant. one man who tried to be, after your local news.
8:23 am
you're getting special attention
8:24 am
8:25 am
8:26 am
8:27 am
8:28 am
8:30 now on this monday morning. it's the 18th of february, 2013. chilly day out here on our plaza. we have a lot of hardy folks who
8:29 am
decided to come by, say hello. lots have stopped by, not the least of which, steve harvey, our co-host. >> i'm here. >> how do you like it so far? oh, come on. still thawing out? >> i love work iing outside. who thought of this? >> i know. this is our last moment outside. >> okay. >> coming up, you're going to go inside and speak to the pregnant man? >> this guy wore the suit because he wanted to see what his wife was experiencing. he thought by wearing this suit he could tell us what he has learned about being pregnant. i don't really think a lot of women are going to be too fond of this, but we'll see what he has to say. >> nine weeks, not nine months. i think he did the easy part. >> very easy part. >> what else is coming up? >> pioneer at the helm of one of the most popular magazines around. we'll find out what made her switch jobs to launch her ground-breaking career and what career advice she has for other
8:30 am
women as well. you're on an all-liquid detoks plan? >> i'm in the second phase of getting into the best shape of my life 2013. i'm doing the detox portion. >> it's a cleanse? >> yes. i'm cleansing right now. >> uh-uh do seem very it shall. >> even as you speak? you are so clean. >> yeah. >> you are. >> do you drink crazy drinks and that kind of thing? >> it's actually pretty good. it's not for everybody. it's challenging. >> it's fruits and vegetables, right? >> fruits and vegetables. gets you very, very healthy. >> we'll find out what makes steve so clean coming up in a few minutes. let's say hello to keri russell, who has a new show called "the americans." >> good morning, guys. >> look who just happened by. this reminds me of the story that was in the news recently. you play a spy, kgb agent living undercover as an american. >> it's true, there have been a
8:31 am
few real-life episodes of this. really our show is more of a fictionalized version of that. but it's really a story of this very complicated marriage of these two kgb spies living very, very deep cover in suburban d.c. and all the things that spies have to do. >> during the 1980s cold war era. does that mean '80s fashion? >> yeah, a lot of that. no cell phones. >> not the only thing you have going on. "dark skies" is coming out. tell us about this. >> that's true. it's a really good, scary thriller. kind of more in the vain of like poltergeist. keeping outside forces and -- >> that bird hits the window. >> if you're jumpy, it's not the movie for you. this movie does what it's supposed to do and it's really great. >> you're a very busy lady. look for "dark skies" and "the
8:32 am
americans" on fx. >> let's get a check of the weather. ta's cold. yes, it is. >> brilliant. >> right now, we're looking at for the week ahead above-normal temperatures with wet weather in the east, below normal out west, snow in the plains. midweek period another big system coming across from the pacific northwest, bringing snow from the rockies into the central plains, below-normal temperatures in the northeast, midatlantic states. the latter part of the week, we're looking for wet weather, warmer weather down through the south. we expect to see below-normal temperatures, snow in the upper great lakes.
8:33 am
nice group of people from cleveland. what's your name? >> julie. >> mark. >> sue. >> thanks for coming down. nice and clean, just like cleveland. there you go. guys, back to you. cleveland, steve harvey. >> yes. >> al, thanks. want to welcome michael dorsey as the latest contestant to get cut from the ranch on nbc's hit show ""the biggest loser." good morning to you. >> good morning to you. >> you were the heaviest going into this. >> i was the big boy. i lost 91 on the ranch and so far i've lost over 125 pounds. >> unbelievable. >> i thought it was horrible that you got kicked off after -- your goal was to lose 11 pounds in a week and you lost 10.
8:34 am
>> lost 10. >> 10 pounds is a lot of weight to lose. >> any other day, 10 pounds would be awesome but not in the biggest loser world. >> what are you doing at home to stay on track? >> keeping up the exercise, enjoying working out, which was not the case before. eating right. my wife is on me like a guard dog. taking care of things. and i got too many people who ir making sure i'm doing what i'm supposed to do. >> what's your favorite thing to do to work out? >> i love spin. i'm loving -- going on the bike and -- oh, yeah. i'm loving it. loving it a lot. >> i know on the ranch it looked like you had an alliance formed with jeff but in the end he voted you off. how upset were you by that? >> you know what? at the end of the day, everybody reminded me that it was important for us to do what was important for us. for me, what's important for me is to get what i need to get. i still got weight to keep on losing. >> there's still a prize relate to weight that you lose. >> i'm working real hard to get
8:35 am
it. i've got to take care of my family, my life and get this thing moving. >> we're so proud of you. there's still so much left of you to love. congratulations. biggest loser airs tonight, 8:00, 7:00 central here on nbc. steve harvey will come face to face with that man who decided to live as a pregnant woman in that suit. the story is coming up. first this is "today" on nbc.
8:36 am
8:37 am
well, folks, a lot of men have wondered what it's like to be pregnant. benjamin percy decided he wanted to find out himself. he wore a so-called pregnancy suit for nine weeks, visited a laboratory in japan where they were able to simulate the different stages of pregnancy. he wrote about his experience for the march issue of "gq" magazine. benjamin, good morning to you. >> morning.
8:38 am
morning. >> good, good, good. so, this is kind of groundbreaking right here, right? tell us exactly what the empathy belly is. >> well, this is the empathy belly, also known as the zero dark thirty. and i had to wear it for nine weeks to compress the version of the nine hadn't month te-month . the idea behind it is that our grandfathers never held babies and fathers never changed diapers. these days it's grounds for divorce. i have a lot of pals who are stay-at-home dads and pals who are involved with their kids and i feel a little inadequate in that regard sometimes. >> wait a minute. so you wanted to accomplish what by doing this? >> to make up for my mouth-breathing, hairy chested caveman deficiencies. so by putting this on -- >> that did it for you?
8:39 am
>> it's a sort of stunt, of course. when i say that i wore this for nine weeks, you know, i am a novelist first and fiction writer second. i punctuate that claim with a -- i took it off now and then. >> what were the reactions you were getting? you wore this, i take it, under your clothes. >> actually, i had to wear it on top of my clothes during the most armpity time of the year between july and august. i started smelling fungal and rashed over. you can see from these flattering picks they're putting up on the screen this i was glistening for nine weeks. >> what's been the reaction from women, though? they've got to be a little bit perturbed about this whole thing. here is a guy that puts on a suit for nine weeks. you're saying it was a rough time of the month in july when a lot of women spend time being pregnant in the summer months. you really think that showed what it was like or -- >> i was expected to get a nice
8:40 am
pat on the back. women were completely fixated on the suit's inadequacy. they wanted me to have heartburn, varicose veins, pee every five minutes, be consequence pated for a week and jab me full of hormone oozing needles essentially. once they saw me in the suit, they were like, nice try, wuss. >> well, this was a successful venture. you wore this suit but, i mean, you have to understand women's reaction to this whole thing, though, right? >> well, sure. i mean, i have, from waking up in the middle of the night to accommodate my children crying and from changing thousands of diapers, learned that i'm not man enough to be a woman. and this suit just sort of underscored that. >> you know what? i think that's a good place to be. because i think women just don't
8:41 am
get enough credit for what they're doing. i mean, it's a nice try for you to do it, of course. you realize it didn't quite measure up to the actual business of being pregnant. >> sure. and i knew that from the very beginning. >> okay. well, it's good for women to know at home. i thought you put it on because you thought you would actually simulate pregnancy. have you ever bit a man before? >> i've never bit a man before. >> my pregnant wife bit me. i'm wondering how you could work it in next time you put the suit on. >> i'm never putting this suit on again. >> great experiment. wish you the best. thank you very much. up next, a woman with a groundbreaking career at the helm of "brides" magazine. first this is "today" on nbc.
8:42 am
8:43 am
8:44 am
this morning this morning on the grio 100, list of african-american history makers and "brides" magazine head honcho made that list. she has risen to the top but it was a journey that required a leap of faith. mara schiavocampo has that story. >> determined to chase her dreams. not only has she achieved them but inspiring others to dream big, too. >> we're thinking about this as the possible cover. >> reporter: work can be an awful lot of fun. >> does this excite you? >> every day. every day. >> reporter: as "brides" editor in chief, she is in charge of the most popular magazine in the country, published by conde nast, behind other powerhouses like vogue and vanity fair.
8:45 am
>> our job is to carry it because a bride could drive herself crazy looking at all the options out there. >> reporter: not just making editorial choices but making history as the first african-american editor in chief in conde nast history. >> there's historical note worthiness but she has the job because she has the talent and will to succeed. >> reporter: has it sunk in? >> has it sunk in? no, not really. the appointment is wonderful and worth celebrating. i still every day want to be the best editor that i can be. >> reporter: she didn't start out in publishing. the 40-year-old who called d.c. home graduated from howard university law school and spent four years in corporate law. she soon realized it wasn't for her and started to plan her exit. >> a year's worth of mortgage payments.
8:46 am
i won't be able to eat but at least i won't be homeless. >> reporter: following a life-long passion for magazines, and taking an 85% pay cut. within two years, she was editor in chief, a title she would hold at two bigger publications before moving to "brides." what do you think it is that makes you good at this job? >> i think it starts with being passionate about it. i really do love it. and love learning about my craft. if you're passionate about something, i really do believe that the success will come. >> reporter: and it did. now minor oversees every aspect of "brides," including how they adapt to the digital landscape. that's not the only thing that's changed over time. today, 40% of the magazines readers are minorities. >> it is of importance that conde nast adjusts to the fact that they have a diverse readership. you want that reflected not only on the pages of your magazines but at your mast heads and in your board rooms.
8:47 am
how do you consider being a role model? >> there's both pressure and honor in that. when i think of role models i think of michelle obama and anna winter and people like that with proven track records. i'm still growing and there's still work to do. >> reporter: minor's career advice for other women, surround yourself with a great team, make time for yourself and be grateful for what you have. she also says if you're considering a career switch, just go for it because, savannah, face it none of us are younger. >> way to put a fine point on it. she is pretty inspiring. thank you very much. how does steve harvey keep his figure? he will tell us about the diet he's on right now. it's a cleanse. but first -- he's very clean. first this is "today" on nbc.
8:48 am
8:49 am
>> announcer: "today's" kitchen is brought to you by new smooth roast coffee, only at burger king, where taste is king. back now at 8:51 with "today's" kitchen. on the lighter side. this morning, we take a look at the martha's vineyard diet detox, a tough 21-day regime with juices and soups only for three weeks. >> the author behind one pound a day. she's a registered nurse and has a phd in natural health.
8:50 am
madelyn fernstrom is "today's" diet and nutrition editor. >> we should mention, steve currently on the program. good morning to all of you. steve, your on it right now, like on day six. >> i'm on day six right now. >> what is it and what is it like? >> for me it's a great way to get healthy and cleanse out my system and give it all a chance to rejuvenate and start over again. i've been putting a lot of bad stuff in it, processed foods. it helps me clear it out. side effect, benefit is that i'm going to lose weight. the real benefit for me is to get healthy. >> the book makes clear people don't understand the toxins that our bodies take in all the time. this is sort of a way to try to reverse that, right? >> absolutely. it's over 300 different toxins that we come across on a daily basis. so this is a program for 21 days only fruits and juices to transform you from the inside out. and not only do you lose weight, but the whole purpose behind this program is to get healthy. >> how is it different from all the juice cleanse that are the
8:51 am
big craze right now? >> right now we tell everyone, this program is -- you have to be really careful. you just can't go out and drink five, six different juices in a day. you have to be careful of the sugar content. but the way i designed the program is for many years of studying the science behind detoxing. it's convenient. packages that we use are vegetable and fruit based. you're not drinking sugar all day but drinking vitamins and minerals and vital nutrients. the whole thing is designed for you to get healthy. you not only lose the weight but deinflame your body. your skin looks better, hair looks better. at the end of 21 days your focus and memory -- you just feel healthy and lighter. >> i hear you saying yes to all these things. >> i did it before but i only did it for 14 days. in the 14 days, my focus was really good. i was really sharp. but i lost 18 pounds, but i was really clear. i'm on it right now and i'm not lethargic or anything.
8:52 am
you really do get the energy. >> madelyn, are there concerns about going for 21 days without any solid food to speak of? >> the issue is not solid food but the protein. the really low level of protein for a few weeks. after a couple of days, your body gets it from itself and that's the protein source like muscles. that's something to be aware of. if your body can tolerate that, you're a healthy person like steve, you're doing well on this. the important thing is to not extend beyond, as roni says, 21 days. you're reintroducing real foods and lots of protein. and that's why it's always important to talk to your doctor if you want to do this. as steve said last time he went on it for 14 days. you really have to listen to your body. when you're feeling great, you're do iing fine. if you don't feel great -- roni, i'm sure you've seen many people like this as well. you have to have a heads up. if you have any medical illness and you're not 100% a healthy person, heart issues, diabetes.
8:53 am
>> if i go 21 days without ice cream or fried chicken on the 22nd day i'm going to want some, right? >> what's to keep you going from right back where you were 21 days earlier? >> it's a lot of information. go to my website and grab the book and the program. the martha vineyard's diet detox. one thing you have to remember is in one day you get more nutrition in one day on this program than the average person gets in two weeks. on the third or fourth day, you're not hungry. after 21 days, you have to transition yourself back to a healthy lifestyle not for a week but for life. that's what the book is going to teach you. it's going to teach you how to be healthy forever. >> have you been able to do that, steve? can you go back to regular eating in a healthy way? >> yeah, yeah, yeah. except this time i'll be more focused about it. and i didn't lose muscle tone last time. >> i can tell that. >> i got you boys in college.
8:54 am
>> you have to find a plan that works. >> ronni deluz, madelyn fernstrom, thank you very much. steve will stick around and dish out some relationship advice. first your local news. you're watching "today in the bay." >> it's 8:56. i'm laura garcia-cannon.
8:55 am
police are looking for a man in a sketch that they say he attacked a woman walking on bartlett two weeks ago. two weeks before that a woman was beat on the the ground after walking past a man. meteorologist christina loren. >> this time we're changing back to winter, laura. good morning to you. 56 degrees inland today. we've got rain on the way as of tomorrow and temperatures are going to be cold additionally with that rain. it's going to be a cold day for tuesday. hope have you a fantastic presidents day. u know me. believe i'm just glitz and glam when i'm so much more. i'm downtown and ocean front. my nights are just as busy as my days. the arts are my passion. food my obsession. and when you finally think you know me. you'll realize, there's still so much more to discover.
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welcome to "today" on this monday morning, february 18th, 2013. a chilly president's day in new york city. i'm willie geist along with al roker, natalie morales and back with the special co-anchor of the day, mr. steve harvey. inside at the top of this hour >> inside. it's really fun, steve. >> this is amazing. you should try this more often. >> no kidding. especially in february. >> it's like 5 outside. how cold is it out with the
8:59 am
wind? >> it's 18. >> 18. >> a couple of degrees. >> but the windchill, it feels like -- >> that's what i meant. >> there you go. >> including the windchill. you should know that about me by now. steve, before we get into our take three, we're just talking about what you're doing right now, how busy you are. your talk show is great. you're doing family feud. the radio show every morning. >> every morning. >> do you eat, sleep, bathe? >> no, none of that. just get a lot of cologne and make it work. >> you smell great, by the way, too. >> thank you. i'm pretty busy but i care about every minute of the day. people ask me how do you do all of this? i care about every single minute of the day. you can get a lot done if you just keep it on track and work it right. "family feud" is great. it's probably the best thing that happened to me to propel me into mainstream america, that game show. >> what's your approach on that show? you have richard dawson making
9:00 am
out with all the ladies in the '70s. what's the steve harvey approach? >> i just try to have fun. families that are there are excited to be there. of the 500 some episodes i shot, a family has never canceled. they're excited about being on tv. they got a chance to win a car, they got a chance to win a lot of cash. and that right there, if you feed that back to them, they feed it back to you. and then i don't have to write any jokes. the people's answers are the jokes. makes my job pretty easy. >> you get to play the straight man. >> exactly. >> is that double windsor? it almost looks triple windsor. >> a lot of people are worried about that. >> looks good. >> you haven't succumbed to the thinner tie thing? >> i don't think that's what's happening. that's a european look. i'm a big guy. that's not going to work. you have a little more stealth built. it works. >> that's what we call it. >> the wider knots if you wear a vest because you can use more of
9:01 am
the fat end of the tie, but no vest, i would have to go thinner. plus the wide knots look better with the spread collar. >> there you go. >> i knew steve would probably have the vest. >> fashion tips from steve harvey. >> that's right. >> you can wear your vest. >> al, not doing too bad. let's get to our take three, with a little help from steve harvey. our first take, golf with the president. president obama still in florida, spent the weekend, at least yesterday, playing golf with tiger woods at the floridian golf club. tiger and obama met in 2009, although this was their first time playing golf together. white house prohibited media coverage. not a single white house reporter was allowed inside to see what was happening but tim rose ford of golf world and golf channel tweeted president has arrived awaiting tiger woods. one of the most prominent golf writers found his way into the club. not a bad way to spend the
9:02 am
weekend, steve harvey, playing golf with tiger. >> apparently the president did pretty well, i think he shot in the 80s. not bad. >> do you golf? >> yeah, i golf. that's a great day for me, in the 80s. i'm having a good day. i'm a bogey golfer. that's my dream foursome. i would love to play with the president and tiger woods. >> and who is the fourth? >> i'm not going to have a fourth. >> okay. >> it's a threesome. >> probably have some secret service guy next to me, watching me, my background check was a little weird so ride with me. it's kind of hard to play with the president. >> how far we've come with tiger woods. imagine a couple years ago, the president being seen alongside tiger woods? it wouldn't have happened. >> i think forgiveness is in order for everybody. everybody has to be forgiven so they can correct it and move on. i'm okay with it. he's not that -- plus he was making $1 billion, you know. what did he have, 12 chicks?
9:03 am
i was disappointed. >> wow! >> okay. >> more money, more chicks? >> $1 billion, you should be in the 40, 50 range. >> then you don't have time for golf. >> game slows down a little bit. >> like steve harvey said, make every minute count. >> and every dollar apparently, too. >> okay. on that note we'll bring in a little booze. do we have the booze? i think we do. for our take two. >> willie is a very happy man this morning. >> i'm a bourbon man. i don't know what you drink. are you a drinker? >> no, just red wine. >> makers mark, i guess we're doing shots. didn't realize it was going down like this. >> makers mark, you may have heard this story last week, announced it would dilute its whiskey from 90 proof to 80
9:04 am
proof. because of the backlash online -- >> water it down? >> they control supply because they were selling out. it was too popular. >> what? >> there was this outrage online that said you cannot cut into my booze three percentage points. set the nation ablaze about their whiskey. now the company has gone back and said you spoke, we've listened. we're sincerely sorry we let you down. we're going back up to 45%. there never really was any watered down booze. some cynics are saying this is the most brilliant marketing ploy of all time. >> true. i agree. >> steve harvey is holding the bottle. >> oh, yeah. >> i noticed nobody took a sip. are we not there yet? >> are you kidding me? go ahead, willie. >> not a bourbon kind of guy? >> no. i drink, this show is going to be real different. >> let's get kathie lee and hoda down here. >> exactly. >> cheers. go for it, willie. >> i think it was a gimmick. i think it was. if you water it down, it takes more to get the effect so they sell more. >> right. >> true. >> that's got to be the concept
9:05 am
behind it. they're not trying to help us out. >> they're trying to help themselves out, yeah. >> water it down and charge you the same amount. who is going to go for that? >> that's why nobody went for it and they decided not to go for it either. >> go ahead. >> you're not going to take a sip? >> no. >> sure. go ahead. >> whoo! wow! >> that's good stuff. >> you drank that whole thing? this is going to be an interesting hour, folks. stand by. >> hold on willie, here you go. >> hoda and kathie lee hour. >> who drinks this? whoo! >> this is bourbon. >> you never worked with our director, joe michaels. >> you like that? jet fuel, right? >> i'll save this one for joe. >> we should point out that maker's mark is not from the prop department. it's from my office and it is half full. >> not a lie. >> that explains "morning joe." >> part of it, yes. let's move on now to take three as the burning goes down our chest. >> down your chest.
9:06 am
we got some research out just the other day. parents actually, one in every two of them on facebook admits now they're only on facebook to spy on their kids. >> absolutely. >> yeah. >> 43% of parents say they check their kids' profiles every single day. this comes from education database online who polled a bunch of parents. anybody surprised at this? half the parents on-line. >> you have teenagers at home. >> yeah. >> i check it all the time. >> are you on facebook because of them? >> i check everything. my sons can't lock their doors. they didn't pay for the door. >> true. >> i just walk in. there's no privacy in my house. me and your mom got -- i check everything. i think you have to. today's society is too much stuff that they can get at your kids with. and without some type of guidance, it could get out of hand. >> do they know you check the facebook? >> i think so. i don't really care. >> are you stealth? >> no, i'm not stealth. pull up your facebook. i don't know how to go online half the times. i got to make them pull it up. they probably have a fake page
9:07 am
they're showing me or something. >> you but know that they've got a fake page. that's pretty good. >> al, do you check facebook? >> yes. >> you do? >> yes, i do. >> have you talked about it with your kids? >> especially my oldest. sweetie, you can't be doing this. this lives online forever. we've had discussions about it. >> your kids are too young. >> yeah, thanks goodness, but, you know -- >> it's coming. >> what will be next, that's the question? >> what you have to concern yourself with as your popularity and fame increases, your children become a target for people out there trying to get at your kids from different ways for a fast buck. that makes it doubly tough. >> true. you have to be careful. >> have either of you guys seen something online with your kid that you said, whoa, i've got to go talk to my son or daughter about what they're posting? >> yes, i have. >> like good dads. >> 25-year-old woman befriended my son on facebook and set up to meet him at the mall in a food court. >> i think that was my daughter.
9:08 am
>> i'd have let that happen. >> and my wife found out about it and i had to do everything in my power to keep my wife going to the mall. >> to meet her. >> to meet her. >> yeah. that's what it was going to be and the harvey name would have been all over -- we would have been in "enquirer." nobody even gets in the "enquir "enquirer" anymore. what's the new magazine, "national star"? >> i don't know. >> it's hard to keep track. >> moving on. >> time to get a check of the headlines. >> in the news this morning a life troubled by addiction and domestic problems has end ed in an apparent suicide for country music star mindy mccready. police say the 37-year-old mother of two suffered a single gunshot wound to the head sunday at her arkansas home. her boyfriend's shooting death in the same house last month was also being investigated as a possible suicide. mccready hit the top of the charts in the '90s with "guys do it all the time" and "10,000 angels." jailed olympic runner oscar pistorius has canceled all upcoming races, including an appearance in iowa this spring.
9:09 am
he is spending his fifth day behind bars charged with the murder of his model girlfriend reeva steenkamp. meantime south african media quoting police sources are reporting that steenkamp was first shot at pistorius' bedroom and then through a bathroom door and report that woman's skull was damaged and that a cricket bat is being examined. the vatican raised the possibility this weekend that a conclave to choose the next pope could take place earlier than previously stated, than mid-march. pope benedict, who announced he is stepping down for health reasons, was greeted by a crowd of 50,000 on sunday. meantime a german journalist who last saw the pope ten weeks ago said it appears benedict appeared to have gone blind in his left eye. another win for danica patrick, she became the first woman to nab a top spot for any race in nascar's premiere circuit, winning the daytona 500 pole sunday with a
9:10 am
lap topping 196 miles per hour at the international speed way in florida. she says she was raised to be the fastest driver and not the fastest girl. a new study out today finds preschoolers who watch educational tv are better behaved than kids who watch violent shows. research published in the journal of "pediatrics" finds the behavioral difference finds what they watched and not how many hours they watched. 25 years after the bruce willis first "die hard" movie "a good day to die hard" took the top spot at the weekend box office with $25 million in ticket sales. he's still got it. comedy, "identity thief" came behind in second and "safe haven" came in third. there were no punches thrown when former heavy weight champ mike tyson and evander holyfield were reunited in chicago. tyson, doing a oneman show in
9:11 am
town dropped by a store where holyfield was doing his hot sauce. remember, forever linked when tyson bit off part of holyfield's ear during a fight in 1997. seems like all has given now. good friends. i didn't want to go there. i knew you two would. >> who will make the barbecue joke? >> ehrliching good. >> don't do it, natalie. >> they patched things up. >> moving on. forgiveness. >> if they can move on from biting off the ear, i think we all can. >> when bruce willis first did "die hard" ronald reagan was president. isn't that amazing. >> how good was that first movie? >> yippie ki-oh. >> one of the greats of our times. i need this job. >> a little more. >> a little more makers. >> makes it nice. like a little more of this. bite that puppy right off. >> no, we won't. you have two jobs to go back to. three counting the radio. i need this.
9:12 am
i'm going to pause right now for a check of the weather. >> announcer: "today's" weather is brought to you by soma intimates, your new bra destination. >> let's see what we've got for you before we head into the maker's mark. we've got another system coming across the plains that will bring anywhere from three to eight inches of snow from the plains into the western great lakes. beautiful day here in the east if you like windy, cold conditions. sunshine down into the gulf coast and southeast, we're looking at rain, though. central gulf on into the mid mississippi river valley. more rain in the pacific northwest. dense fog along the california, southern california coast and we're expecting plenty of sunshine in the central rockies. that's what's going on around the country. here's what's happening in your 9:14 now. presidents' day monday looking pretty good over san francisco in the sense that we don't have the rainfall coming down just yet. overcast conditions nonetheless.
9:13 am
we'll see a little bit of sunshine today. hold off on the rain until tomorrow. 56 for redwood city, 55 in san francisco and about 54 degrees on the way today in oakland. tomorrow just the 40s. we'll see rain start up tomorrow morning during the morning drive. the bulk of the moisture comes through mid-morning, then clear you out wednesday to thursday. florida this weekend. take a look. we've got some video of willie right here. >> exciting. what have we got here? >> oh, we don't have it. never mind. >> what was it? >> here it is. there we go. >> oh, yeah. i didn't know cameras were -- see what i mean. >> willie! >> see what i mean? >> little maker's mark. >> little zest in this guy and that's what you end up with. al, thanks, i guess. up next, the latest jeopardy team tournament champ. we love this guy. probably had the best final jeopardy response ever scribbled down and he's with us right here after this. this. ds card gives you 1% cash back on all purchases, plus a 50% annual bonus. and everyone but her likes 50% more cash,
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zesty rotel tomatoes and green chilies, you get a bowl of queso that makes even this get-together better. 17-year-old leonard cooper is enjoying newfound fame as jeopardy's team champion. not so much his win as to how he won that has everybody buzzing. a lot of people are calling this answer for final jeopardy the best answer in the show's history. take a look. >> the subject is military men. this is the clue. on june 6th, 1944, he said "the eyes of the world are upon you." now we go to leonard cooper.
9:17 am
he is looking pretty happy. why? did he come up with dwight david eisenhower? >> no, i didn't. >> you didn't? some guy in normandy but i just won $75,000. you did, indeed. >> leonard cooper, good morning to you, man. >> yeah. the man. >> great answer. how did you know you were going to win, though? >> it wasn't a sure thing. the kid on my far right could have caught me, if he had gotten it right. the kid was 14, i think, a freshman, in ninth grade. he hadn't had u.s. history yet. i didn't think that he was going to get the question about history when i saw the category military guys because even in the turn he hadn't been getting a lot of the military or american history questions. >> wow! sizing up the competition. >> we're going to play our own game of jeopardy right now. >> it's all on you. it's all on him.
9:18 am
>> no, it's not. >> yes, it is. >> we didn't rig it like that. which president was the only one to be elected twice but not in a row? was it -- [ buzzer ] >> grover cleveland. >> yeah, it was grover cleveland. yeah. >> very good. >> all right. >> we're doing great so far. >> when you say "we." >> you mean leonard? >> me and leonard. >> i was actually going to give you a multiple choice. >> i don't think that's going to be happening a lot. >> i wouldn't have even needed to know a president. which president gave camp david its name after his father and grandson? >> eisenhower. >> dwight d. eisenhower is correct. that's an old person answer. >> that's good. tied 1-1 now. >> question three, folks. here we go. which president once got stuck
9:19 am
in the white house -- >> i didn't see that. >> william taft. >> right there. >> got stuck in the tub and they had to use butter to get him out. my kind of guy. >> oh, okay. okay. that's a little unfair, folks. >> come on, leonard. we can do it. >> weight question, al roker. unfair. here we go, number four. which president's secret service code name is renegade? >> yes, sir? >> nixon. >> no. >> no? >> can we hear the other choices? >> george bush, barack obama, john f. kennedy, richard nixon. >> i'm going to go with president obama. >> that would be correct, sir. >> wow! can we double down? can we triple down? >> which president briefly kept two bears of pets on the white house lawn? >> thomas jefferson, james monroe, andrew jackson, chester
9:20 am
arthur. >> james monroe. >> jackson. >> you can't give two answers. what is that? >> thomas jefferson. >> they win. >> congratulations. >> the old guys. >> leonard cooper, thanks. coming up live, when to call it quits in your relationship. but first these messages. [ male announcer ] this is bob, a regular guy with an irregular heartbeat. the usual, bob? not today. [ male announcer ] bob has afib: atrial fibrillation not caused by a heart valve problem, a condition that puts him at greater risk for a stroke. [ gps ] turn left. i don't think so. [ male announcer ] for years, bob took warfarin, and made a monthly trip to the clinic to get his blood tested. but not anymore. bob's doctor recommended a different option:
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multigrain cheerios coming up, dinners on a budget for the whole week. your relationship? this year's hottest new toy after your local news and weather. i'm human! and the new weight watchers 360 program lets me be. the reason i'm still in this body feelin' so good isn't because i never go out and enjoy the extra large, extra cheese world we live in. it's because i do. and you can too.
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because when a weight loss program is built for human nature you can expect amazing. introducing the new weight watchers 360 program. join for free and expect amazing. because it works. you're watching "today in the bay." . good monday morning to you. it's 9:26. i'm laura garcia-cannon. warning to students at uc santa cruz after a young woman is beaten and raped on campus. she was attacked on a wooded path near the upper quarry ampitheater. she managed to call 911 after the attack. a stocky white man in his 30s with a dark full mustache and
9:25 am
goatee and a tattoo on his upper right bicep. he wore a dark blue t-shirt with letters on the front, a black belt with silver buckle and oakley style sunglasses. california officials want someone else to foot the bill for fighting firefighters. the last years the state has more aggressively gone after businesses and individuals it blames for starting wildfires. the civil cost recovery program has had so much success that governor jerry brown is asking lawmakers to expand the program. we'll take a quick break but have a look at weather and traffic.
9:26 am
welcome back. the time is 9:28. taking a live look at an overcast sky. this is the sky over much of the bay area. however, we're taking you live from san bruno this morning. wherever you're headed, grab your coat. grab your umbrella for today but the rain is on the way for tomorrow morning, in particular during the morning rush. 55 in fremont, 57 in los gatos, 55 down in santa cruz limited
9:27 am
sunshine for today as we head through tomorrow temperatures grg to tumble even more so. and we've got some thunderstorms in the forecast in addition to some rain. so keep that in mind, snow levels are going to fall about to about 2,000 feet for tuesday. that looks to pe the most active day in the near future. we'll start to dry it, staying cool for the rest of the week wednesday through friday. check your drive. good morning, mike. >> good morning. we'll look over here towards the san mateo bridge, easy flow. up to the approach to bay bridge. westbound 880 coming out of berkeley. right under that overpass we did have a temporary traffic break for a few minute but enough to cause a little backup. traffic was still light when happening. near northbound 101. a little slow approaching matilda. everything is cleared to the shoulder. because of the light traffic here and continuing up through palo alto that's how light we're talking about laura. back to you. >> everyone's on vacation, i guess.
9:28 am
speaking of headlines, one of the helicopters flying above us dropped down a couple of papers. thought we might catch you up on what happened this week. the pope resigned. oh, lord. >> oh, wait. okay. here's something fun. north korea successfully laun launched a nuclear -- no, never mind. >> no, no, no. >> hey, this is interesting. okay. you guys think you might have it bad? but do you have it worse than 4,000 stranded on nightmare
9:29 am
cruise? that is about us. >> that's us. >> "saturday night live" a couple of nights ago with its look inside that doomed carnival cruise ship, disheveled cruise director. we're inside studio 1a. i'm willie geist alongside natalie morales, al roker and special guest steve harvey. are you a cruise guy at all? >> no. i don't like eating from buffets. >> really? >> i have a tough time. >> most of the people are shorter than the sneeze guard. >> excellent point. what else is coming up this half hour? last week was all about love for valentine's day. when the love isn't there anymore, when do you say enough is enough? >> ouch. >> we kill it quick, huh? >> there you go. easy and inexpensive meals if you can't afford it because you're divorced mapped out for
9:30 am
the week from sonny anderson. the newest toys you'll be hearing about in the months ahead. >> before all that, let's get a quick check of the weather from al. >> we are looking at sunny skies here. it will be chilly and windy. wet weather from the central gulf up into the mid mississippi river valley with snow into the northern plains. wet weather in the pacific northwest. tomorrow we're looking for that wet weather to make its way to the east. frigid conditions back to the plains. look for snow in the pacific northwest and expecting rain along the western coast. and that wet weather extends all the way up and down the eastern seaboard with snow in northern new england. that's 9:32 now on a cloudy start to the week. we do have rain on the way, just not today. 57 in santa teresa, and 56 degrees in san jose. at this time tomorrow we'll be tracking some showers even some thunderstorms. we're expecting those to possibly be strong enough to generate some pea-sized hail. that's tuesday.
9:31 am
wednesday, a.m. drizzle make way to a cloudy day. thursday we'll start to climb in temperature a touch. by friday, the 60s return and the sun is back out for the your latest weather. steve? >> announcer: "today's" relationsh relationships is brought to you by kcadbury. this morning on "today's" relationships, the right time to call it quits. couples therapist is director of training at drexel university and elizabeth lombardo is a psychologist. good morning, ladies. >> good morning. >> i've had a lot of women ask me through the years how to get their boyfriend to pop the question and all. but we're actually here, talking about some of your experiences based on counseling. how often do you find that problems arise in marriages before people even get to you? >> steve, you know, what i say is that people like to plan
9:32 am
their weddings but they don't plan the marriage. what i see in the practice is that people come to me and they've got a lot of questions but they don't want to broach those questions because they feel like that's going to end the relationship. you've got to ask those questions on the front end so you don't have problems on the back end. >> what kind of questions are you talking about? >> ask questions about finances, about how many children you're going to v you want to ask questions about even what lifestyle you want to live, whether somebody wants to go back to school. all of these things. and even your sexual preferences. i know it's morning tv, but that's important. >> many people often don't know when to end a relationship. and there are some clear indicators leading up to that moment you both say. what should you be looking for? what are signs that this relationship cannot be fixed? >> if you are unhappy more than happy, that's a sure sign to get out. if you're anxious. if you don't feel good about yourself in the relationship, that's telling you that this isn't right for you. >> i also would say if you've
9:33 am
exhausted every possible healthy way to salvage your relationship and it's still not working and the person is not willing to help you, that's a problem. if you have these deal breakers and every deal breaker has been broken, that's a problem. >> yeah. >> what else? what are the other signs? i heard you say when it comes to comparing a person. >> right. if you're constantly comparing your spouse or your partner to someone else, you probably should be with someone else, because you're looking at that other person and you're saying, this person is better. your spouse or your partner is never going to live up to that. either change your perspective or change your relationship. >> what if you're the one who is the problem, though? if your always comparing the person that you want to be with but -- >> absolutely. >> one of the things i find is that when people themselves are unhealthy, their relationship is unhealthy. they see negative in their partner. so address your own happiness. address your own self confidence. >> elizabeth talks about happiness in her book. no one else can make you happy. we have to be responsible for our own happiness. that partner is not really
9:34 am
responsible. they can contribute to t you have to do the work in a relationship. it requires work. it doesn't happen overnight. >> thanks a lot. really appreciate the insight. coming up next, four days of [clucking]. everyone wants to be the cadbury bunny. cause only he brings delicious cadbury crème eggs, while others may keep trying. nobunny knows easter better than cadbury!
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9:39 am
meal. >> yes, and i love to cook, so if you're in my neighborhood, no problem. invite me over. >> lemon sole. >> monday, this is very easy to do. everything i'm featuring this week on mapped out meals everything i'm featuring takes only 20 minutes cooking time. >> that's it? >> 20 minutes cooking time. we're starting with lemon sole, making our own bread crumbs. >> okay. >> i've got four slices of white bread in here. al, if you just want to add in the ingredients, we've got walnuts, parmesan cheese, little bit of lemon zest. that goes in. little bit of olive oil over the top. close it. pulse it. that's going to go right on top of the lemon sole. really quick sauce of just lemon juice, little bit of butter, caper, garlic. right over the top, that would be the bread crumb topping right there. >> can you use another fish with this? >> you absolutely could. tilapia. >> white fish? snapper if you like. >> it's nice and thin, cooks fast. 400 degrees, 20 minutes in the oven. it's done.
9:40 am
while that's in the oven cooking get swiss chards into a pan with olive oil and garlic and saute it up. >> little fennel there? >> yep. >> really easy to do. fajita strips that you can get at the grocery store. it's a lot easier to marinade something that has more surface space. in the thyme, cumin, garlic powder. mix that all up. put this on the grill. as it's grilling, make the soup base. the soup base is very easy to do. i'll get that together for you, natalie. little bit of onion, olive oil, salt and pepper. you're going to sweat down our mushrooms, add in crushed tomato, pickled jalapenos, add a little zen. little garlic right there and then add in some beef stock over the top. this only takes 20 minutes to get nice and thick and yummy. and that's when you're going to
9:41 am
add steaks back into the pot, cook it down. you have steak soup right here. >> that looks good. yep. with tortilla. >> crumble some tortilla, little bit of sour cream and then a little bit of -- >> fresh jalapenos if you like it spicy. >> scallions. >> that's tuesday. let's move to wednesday. >> steve's dish. trying to keep it healthy even though you're doing the liquid thing. >> don't worry about it. they're not here. >> get yourself a chicken breast and go through the center. >> i can't do that. >> butterfly it. >> i can't put my hands there. can't do that. >> when you butterfly it it makes it easier to accept the marinade faster and grills faster. four minutes on one side. then you go in. flip it -- in the marinade, just honey, a little yogurt, mint, oregano, lemon zest. >> orange or lemon zest. >> yes.
9:42 am
>> there we go. >> flip it over. >> thanks for the lovely giada grill pan. thank you. >> really nice. it really keeps -- >> it does work. >> it works great. keeps the chicken from sticking. >> yeah. >> the key to flipping chicken and burgers is -- >> giada is not here this week, is she? >> it will release for you, steve. it will let you know when it's ready to go. >> i flipped it too early? >> a little too early. it's okay. you're looking fine. got the suit on. >> can we get to thursday? we only have a minute left. >> yes. >> separate pan. hoarding sheep -- not hoarding. herding sheep. another show. yeah. shepherd's pan not a pie. everything you enjoy in the shepherd's pie but in a pan. you've got your potatoes, nice and crisp, beef sauteed with vegetables, peas and carrots. add some flour to thicken with little bit of beef stock and you have a nice shepard's pan.
9:43 am
>> could you do like ground turkey if you wanted to make it lighter? >> totally or ground chicken as well. all in one big pan. you're good to go. this is nice for thursday, the end of the week, less dishes. sit on the couch and enjoy t for friday order a pizza and watch "dateline." >> all right. there you gop. nice synergy. sunny anderson, thank you so much. >> coming up next, the hottest new toys, right after this. land o' lakes spreadable butter with canola oil is made with sweet cream, canola oil and salt. just three simple ingredients.
9:44 am
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9:47 am
coming soon to a store near you, hottest toys from toy fair. more than 1,000 companies showed off their new product at the massive trade show that just wrapped up. stephanie oppenheim is here from toy portfolio with her choices. >> classics with a twist. you both remember hot wheels, right? this is new and make mees happy because i love hot wheels, too. you're able to make your own hot wheels. pick your color wax, put them in. seven minutes later after it's
9:48 am
totally cool, it will emerge. >> are you serious? >> like a press and a mold? >> and you're good to go. >> this is a car painter? >> car maker. there we go. marble runs i love. this is from happy, new accelerator. this is the type of toy that gets handed down from generation to generation. it's an open-ended puzzle. you can work on this together. a good one for vacation days like today. >> drop it in here, that's it, huh? >> there you go. you can make it however you want to make it. >> all right. >> that's a little pricier. this is from hex bugs. they now have little extra -- now that they will go down the tracks and up the tracks because of it. >> vibrating, is that we're doing? >> yes, hex. there we go. very cool. now conception toys -- >> hey, hey, hey, you know the money you could make with this?
9:49 am
>> steve! it's a children's segment. >> let me bring you over to barbie land. >> come on, man. >> they call them toys. >> whole new category thanks to lego. very barbie-esque mega blocks. you can see the difference here they light up. led lights which make them loads of fun. >> wow, what is this? >> mind storm. probably give him a little something to eat. there we go. and you could build an introduction to robotics. >> start -- lot of fun. 17 different models of that. also pricey but a wonderful way to introduce your kids. i don't know. what do you think about spy toys? this is a lie detector. put your fingers on here. who wants to try? >> for real? >> yeah. this works like a real lie detector. >> want me to try it?
9:50 am
>> hook it up to your ear over there. >> the ear? >> it will tell you here whether -- are you having fun? it will move over to truth. >> this is the most fun i've ever had in my life. >> we're going over to the -- >> let me get that. >> over here, more from spin master. >> well, it worked. >> it worked. okay. this is like what i call the james bond section. here you go. little camera in here, 36 0 degrees. you don't want your little brother or sister coming into the room. you have the laser defense system. >> come on, really? >> which will sound. there we go. >> really quickly, as we go out -- >> they're good to go. this one, hold it on the bottom of your hand. and these are from spin master. they should be flying. yes. >> indeed. >> mine is flying. >> there we go. >> whoo! >> well, they should fly. >> mine was flying. >> these are prototypes.
9:51 am
there we go. there we go. they're motion activated. we keep batting it around. >> i like that. >> very nice. i apologize. >> no, no, no, that's okay. this is "today" on nbc.
9:52 am
9:53 am
boys and their toys. >> steve harvey show iing us ho it's done. >> you can catch steve harvey every day on the talk show. there's nowhere you can't catch this man. >> where are you not? >> that's really great. >> that's right. kathie lee and hoda are on today. meanwhile, kathie lee and hoda are at the universal city walk in hollywood. first your local news and weather. have a great day, everybody. >> bye. thanks, steve. >> thank you. thanks for having me.
9:54 am
9:55 am
you're watching "today in the bay." >> good morning to. you it is 9:56. i'm marla tellez. before you get ready for lunch, a warning about a widespread spinach recall. taylor farms is recalling some of its organic baby spinach products due to possible e. coli contamination. california is among the 39 states where this product is sold. the spinach was sold under several different brand names. we've listed those on your screen. it is sold in 5 and 16-ounce trays. as a best buy date of february 24th. we'll check the forecast. >> we've got a good looking day shaping up only because we'll hold off on those showers until tomorrow morning, but highs today will be much cooler than yesterday. area of drizzle as well. but the rain and cold really start to settle in through tuesday. some of the stronger storms
9:56 am
could generate pea-sized hail for tuesday. as we head through the end of the week, we'll dry you out. it will take time for us to warm up again. you'll probably need your jacket every day of this week. 56 degrees in san francisco. just 55 today in oakland. tomorrow we're only going to break into the upper. then wednesday and thursday mostly cloudy conditions. let's check your drive. good morning, mike. >> good morning. a great drive for commuters. a light volume around the bay. today a holiday for many businesses and most schools, then some schools are off all week. that's the san jose schools and maybe others. folk, write to me and let me know about your school district. the toll plaza has not had metering lights on all morning. only ashby avenue where the yellow and the red are, which is a surface street. 880 slow in the transition just off mission as well as north 680 but no big deals as far as incidents or accidents. there's your trivalley commute. we have road work approaching that dublin interchange. that's about it.
9:57 am
send it back to you, marla. >> not much going on. we'll be back in 30 minutes.
9:58 am
from nbc news, this is a special edition of "today" with california girls kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb from universal city walk at universal udios, hollywood. >> oh, boy. >> huh? >> she's going to make a special
9:59 am
stop on the tour right here on universal studio walk. >> uh-oh. stop over there. >> i went to the ladies room. >> of course you did. that's what you do. >> i like the change of scenery. i like it. >> hope you enjoy doing the show out front. >> hi, everybody. >> whoa. >> thank you. >> ladies, welcome to universal studios, hollywood, universal city walk. have a great show. >> oh, oh, oh, oh. sfoet. ♪ ♪
10:00 am
>> can you feel the love? >> hoda, we can feel the love. we are so in love with california. >> sit down. take a load off. >> get comfy. get cozy. >> we have a little issue here at universal studios, hollywood on city walk. we want to thank the los angeles bureau -- >> l.a. tourism board. >> that's what i meant. >> we keep thanking them every day. if i had my way, we would keep thanking them for the next two months, you know what i'm saying? >> of course you would. since you came out today on this beautiful sun-splashed day in l.a., somebody in this audience is going to get an incredible prize. now, you don't even know what we're talking about, but we're going to pick names out of a bowl or a wine glass and we are going to choose somebody. >> that's closer by. what's that supposed to mean,
10:01 am
ma'am? >> anyway, we've been having a lot of fun. we want to wish a happy birthday to the folks here at city walk because it's their 20th birthday. >> happy 20th birthday. >> who knew? >> we've got some birthday cake, and we want to thank the dancers too, you guys. did you see the samba dancers? of course, you did. yes. exactly. >> i wonder if they had a camera in the ladies room when we were trying to do our business, all four of us before the show. >> where is the cake? >> there is our -- >> eric coppella. >> oh, oh. >> i wanted to get the party started. >> talk to us. >> so this is universal city walk's 20th birthday, and we wanted to get the party started, so we have been up all night making this cake. >> yes. >> we understand that some
10:02 am
people aren't real thrilled with dairy, so we made this low cal, low fat. >> why do i -- >> well, we wanted to start this party off, and we wanted you to -- >> taste it. we'll taste it right now. >> it is absolutely -- >> i don't have a bit of a problem. oh, my god. >> that's great. >> eric, delicious. >> happy birthday. we're going to cut it for everyone so everyone can celebrate. thank you. >> thank you so much. >> have a great day. >> thank you, eric. >> we do need something to wash it down. >> oh, yeah. >> come on. forget the ladies. >> come on. we have these drinks that have come from brazil's national cocktail in honor of the samba dancers. >> they're inspired by -- >> the brazilian steakhouse. >> how are you? >> it's only tuesday, so -- >> what are we drinking? >> we are drinking a sangria
10:03 am
thing. >> casparinia. >> too bad everybody else can't have one. >> they are so good. >> and healthy. >> thank you so much. >> we want to see your signs because someone is going to get a prize. california wine inn. >> she's clever. oh, look. someone went to the trouble -- >> that's darn good. >> you know what -- oh, my god. look at the baby reading kathie lee's book. that is crazy. >> oh, my gosh. >> oh, my gosh. >> okay. all right. okay. >> it's going to be hard. >> it's going to be very hard. >> somebody has scandalous. my parents love your musical. >> we see you over there. uh-huh. porn is over there. i see you. kind of. the winner is going to get a mug that costs $5.
10:04 am
we're going to -- i promise you're not going to believe what the prize is, and it's not a kathie lee cd. we're going to play a little game with you guys. >> because it is president's day also. how many of you knew that? >> uh-huh. you guys are all very smart. >> it is. duh. >> are you ready to play your trivia game? true or false, in today's dollars george washington would be the poorest president ever. raise your hand or applaud if you think it's true. okay. applaud if you think it's false. nope. everybody is very noncommitmental. >> well, those of you who said it was false are right. he would be the richest. >> $worth 525 million. >> after taxes it's not so much. >> he didn't do so well.
10:05 am
here's another within. true or false warren harding -- who knows who he is -- was an avid poker player who once bet the white house china and lost it all. true or false? >> false, false. >> the answer is true. >> can you imagine explaining that to the secretary of the treasury? by the way -- >> sorry. >> i'm sure there was alcohol involved. >> true or false. the president john adams often skipped school to secretly take ballet classes. true? >> now, if you know anything about john adams, you'll know the answer to that. >> or false? false. >> the correct answer is false. >> i love my handwriting. >> she does. can i tell you something that's bugging me? we changed hotels since i have been in los angeles, and you know what i keep doing? losing everything. >> everything. >> no, my phone was lost for a whole day. it was under the seat of the car. >> uh-huh.
10:06 am
>> i arrived at my second hotel with two shoes that didn't match, and i called the other hotel, and they said we did find a pair of shoes -- >> mismatched. >> mismatched shoes. i was just thinking about how much time many my life i spend searching for the other shoe. >> i've been trying to get you organized for almost five years, hoda. you don't listen, though. >> i know. >> i think you lose -- she would lose all her charm. sfla if i could find anything if she was as perfect as i am. >> excuse me for one second. >> one more here, hoda? >> i don't know. i can't do anymore. >> did you see where john adams was? >> john adams was not taking ballet classes. he was hunting and fishing. >> that's right. >> allegedly. i don't know if that's true. >> how many of you had an awesome, awesome valentine's day? >> wait. how many of you had a not so great valentine's day? had not so great. >> yeah, yeah.
10:07 am
>> would you -- turn around. >> and go. yeah. not great. >> the question is how do you know if the guy that you're with is the one, for those of you still dating? >> or looking. >> surveyed a whole bunch of women, and they say one of the most important factors that we have when we are picking someone we like to find out if our friends or family like the guy, and if they don't like the guy it colors how we feel about it. i kind of agree with that. >> yeah. well, they said that's second. second. what was first? >> i don't read the note. i don't know what was first. >> number one is he makes you happy and gives you emotional security. that makes sense. for men ask women. >> i think number two, though. the fact that your friends and family have to like him. if my best friend doesn't like the guy i'm dating, i start to see the flaws. >> let me ask you a deep and probing question. >> what is it? >> do you have the same best friend type now at the age of
10:08 am
40- -- as you did at 20-? >> no. >> say you're 22 and your friends think this guy is awesome, that's different. you don't even have your frontal lobby developed and you are making huge decision bz your life partners. in your 40s if you don't have good friends, you have not learned much. >> let's talk about or favorite breakup song. this song is so great, okay? this is a song i chose. it's kind of a teeny bopper break-up song. it's called "i look so good without you." have you heard this song by jesse james or -- let's hear it. this is such a great -- that's not it. that's "i will survive." ♪ without you got me a new hair-do ♪ ♪ with your lives
10:09 am
♪ brown eyes >> i look so good without you. you know when your hair gets good and your skin gets clear and he is gone? that is so good. >> that happens when i leave town. all righty. they also say -- what was your favorite -- >> what was my favorite one? i think my favorite one was by chicago. >> the eagles. >> chicago. ♪ was the biggest part of me >> this is the good part. ♪ whew, no, baby, please don't go ♪ >> i like that song. >> you should. >> famous things real quick. just a minute. oh, we don't have time? we can't do favorite things. we are going to do it tomorrow, but you're going to wish you were here tomorrow, and don't forget, we're giving away a human unkus prize coming up. >> i don't know. i think they would be disappointed in it. >> we'll be back right after this. [ susan ] though he had never left.
10:10 am
the end. lovely read susan. but isn't it time to turn the page on your cup of joe? gevalia, or a cup of johan, is like losing yourself in a great book. may i read something? yes, please. of course. a rich, never bitter taste cup after cup. net weight 340 grams. [ sighs ] [ chuckles ] [ announcer ] always rich, never bitter. gevalia. it's not a candy bar. 130 calories 7 grams of protein the new fiber one caramel nut protein bar.
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10:13 am
have you laughed today? >> we're going to give away live before we start our next segment. all right. >> it's that time. >> one goes to the lovely lady right here in the front row. come on, girl. come on. >> 20 years later. >> number two right there. hold up your sign. >> thank you. >> come here. come here. come here. come here. come to mama. come to mama. >> thank you. >> this is for you, k.l. >> we're back here at city walk at universal studios, hollywood,
10:14 am
and right at the end of city walk is the entrance to the park, and hoda and i went and fwot in touch with our childish side yesterday. >> we rubbed elbows with some of the stars and hit some of the rides, and we had a grand old time. take a look. >> give it up. >> uh-huh. ♪ >> we made it. >> where are we, hoda woman? >> we are at universal studios hollywood. >> read that sign. it's the entertainment capital of los angeles. >> are you a ride person? >> nope. >> well, that makes one of us. and why is it always me? what's happening here? ♪ la, la, la, la, la, la, la >> this is the theme park. not a stand around park. keep moving. >> looking kind of familiar, isn't it? >> i thought you were in l.a.? >> no, you're in new york. >> hello, ladies.
10:15 am
>> we're here. >> i heard about you down there wielding a pool cue in a bar the other day. >> you got a problem with that? we're on vacation. nobody was hurt. we were all consenting adults. >> the girls are on vacation. hold to your boyfriends. >> yeah. >> this is my thing. let me just show you. go. get in. >> all right. we tried. >> this is a ring around the do-dah. >> does anybody ever win? oh. that was close. we are zero for zero. >> that's simple. >> everything is harder than it looks. >> almost. >> wait a second. >> just some elbow in it. >> yes. yes. sfwroo o
10:16 am
sfwroo. >> one, two, three. one, two. >> who is winning, hoda? >> welcome to universal studios! >> whew! >> i need my volunteers. >> pick us! pick us! pick us! >> come on up. >> yeah! >> children, look over there. >> run, everybody! >> ah. >> look at us. >> you have a big line for this. >> let's do this! >> sorry, hoda. sorry, hoda. oh! >> no, no, no, no. >> she's okay. special effects are all about you believing what you see is real.
10:17 am
>> let's hear it for hoda. >> oh, my god. i think we tricked them. i'm game for this ride. i'm rusty. >> see you. >> kathie lee is missing out this time. >> what's so frickin' funny? >> oh, my god. that ride rocked. >> we had a great time. it was fun. >> we love universal. >> we're going to spend the whole week here. >> that's right. we promised to come back and pay for all this stuff. >> all righty. it was a lot of fun and we brought it all back for you guys. >> we're going to give it away to you guys. come on. spongebob right there. right here. >> hold on. >> two slippers.
10:18 am
>> oh, oh. >> oh, i see you. oh, i see you. >> and. okay, you guys. coming up, you guys, coming up, if you guys thought these prizes were good, you have no idea what's coming up next. we are giving away a monster prize. coming up right after this. [ woman ] thursday. finally. dinner with the girls tonight. i really want dessert. i'd better skip breakfast. yep. this is all i need. [ stomach growls ] [ female announcer ] skipping breakfast to get ahead? research shows that women that eat breakfast, like the special k breakfast, actually weigh less. and, with honey kissed whole grains of oats & honey, you'll never want to skip breakfast again. [ woman ] victory is... sweet.
10:19 am
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10:20 am
i just served my mother-in-law your chicken noodle soup but she loved it so much... i told her it was homemade. everyone tells a little white lie now and then. but now she wants my recipe [ clears his throat ] [ softly ] she's right behind me isn't she? [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup.
10:21 am
♪ having a good time out there >> oh, my god. we are so excited because right now we're going to do our big audience give-away. >> let's dive right into our -- >> this is the winner. >> and the winner is -- >> who is it? go.
10:22 am
>> edgar. fwloo where is edgar? edgar. edgar. edgar. oh, my god. >> edgar, nice to see you. >> thank you. >> so here's the deal. you are going to -- there are three prizes. >> three prizes. >> you are iffing to choose number one, number two, or number three. >> turn around. >> oh, that's -- >> well, that's too bad because that could have been a great prize. let's see what else -- let's see what else he could have won. >> oh. >> wait. wait. there's one more thing that maybe you could have won. let's take a look. turn around. >> oh, my god! oh! >> edgar, even though you didn't choose it, it's yours. >> edgar gets a brand new toyota rav 4. >> oh! >> come on. >> making wishes come true with
10:23 am
this car. >> get in there. get in there. get in it. >> edgar, look, he is a little eager. >> kathie, get on that side. come on. come here. edgar! crank up the tunes. ♪ >> there you go. >> can you even believe what just happened? edgar got a brand new car. >> oh, my god. >> we're going to be back after this, you guys. party on, edgar. [ male announcer ] let's go places. not just the ones you can find on a map. but the ones you can find in your heart. let's go beyond everything we know. and embrace everything we don't. and once we've reached our destination, let's keep going. because inspiration doesn't favor those who sit still. it dances with the daring... ♪ oh, oh, oh-oh, oh
10:24 am
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10:25 am
you're watching "today in the bay". >> good morning. it's 10:26. i'm marla tellez. in san francisco, police say a man who looks like this is still on the loose this morning after beating up two women during separate attacks in the mission district. police say the attacks are random and the suspect is not robbing or sexually assaulting his victims. the latest attack was two weeks ago at 1:00 in the morning on bartlettt and mission streets. the first attack was on january 26th at 23rd and church streets. after the break we'll take a look at the forecast.
10:26 am
10:27 am
welcome back. the time now 10:28. taking a live look at a bray sky over san bruno. this is in san francisco bay, of course. we'll see a little bit of sunshine today, partial clearing but mostly cloudy today. 56 in livermore, 56 in concord and 5 in fremont. unsettled weather on the way. a strong cold front arrives tomorrow. we'll time that out for you at 11:00. mike's actually tracking a couple of things on presidents' day. >> specifically these seven cars. we have a very light volume of traffic. but we're tracking that weather change that christina is talking about. we'll look at the maps and we do see a smooth flow of traffic. a note for the system, altered schedules for b.a.r.t., muni and
10:28 am
activity on sansome and montgomery. some police activity. they're rerouting. follow muni and me on twitter. >> we'll have more on the day's top stories coming up in 30 minutes. jon kelley and i hope you'll join us at 11:00. >> we are on this fun day monday here at universal city walk, and even though it's winter here in los angeles as well, you are going to need your sunglasses everywhere you go. >> doesn't feel like winter to us. >> we love it. >> choosing frames can be difficult, but you know who is going to help us out? melissa. she's the smarty pants from the city of style, and she's here to show us what frames fit on what faces. you selected these for us, right? >> i selected them for you because you both have beautiful
10:29 am
oval faces, which is the most common face shape. an oval face looks great in like a large square frame. >> i love these. >> it looks beautiful with your hair color. those look beautiful with your hair color and your coloring. >> are people distracted? >> they're lovely. has to do with -- >> why aren't they in sunglasses? >> they're showing off something else. >> let's talk about the glass that is work in the aviators. >> good-bye, ladies. >> thanks. >> aviators are such a great uni-sex shape. they're his and hers. they're a classic shape. they've been worn for years. we've got beautiful models. >> yeah. those look good. those look great. >> his and hers aviators. from dkny, and you are wearing a
10:30 am
classic ray-ban shape. these are, like, really well priced. they range from, you know, really, really inexpensive. the ray-bans, the classic shape are just a little over $100. they're really, you know -- really great. really flattering. >> never goes out of style. >> thanks, guys. >> wayfayers are the his and hers. who do we have up here? >> katie and jason. >> how cute are these two? >> i love the way wayfarers have the hip 1950s vine to them. you put them on, and you have a lot of style. it's retro. yours are a little bit more square and angular, and yours are that classic ray-ban shape. >> what are the price points on those? >> these are only $95, and these are ray-bans for about $150. >> all right. >> thanks, guys. >> thank you. >> it's hard to know what shaped face you have. i really don't know if i'm oval, round, or heart, but if you have a square face, what are the
10:31 am
right kind of glasses? >> you're tempering the shape of your face. you don't want -- >> nobody wants to be more square. >> nobody wants to be a square. she has a squared off beautiful defined jaw, so we have a pair of sun glass that is are more rounded, like a key hole shape. it's tempered and sochbls her lines. she's got beautiful cheek bones. beautiful jaw line. >> gorgeous lips. >> gorgeous lips. >> let's bring up jim. he is the guy. >> jim is our guy version. he has a nice square jaw as well. >> how can you tell? >> it might be a heart face. >> he has a more rounded frame. just to kind of temper and soften those lines. these are -- i love this on you with the tweet hat and the gray jacket. >> thanks, hon. >> last we have the heart-shaped face. this is debra. >> the heart-shaped face is like a heart. your forehead salgts bit wider. you have great high cheekbones.
10:32 am
this cat eye really compliments her cheek bones so well. look how beautiful that is. >> very chic. >> well, thank you. thank you so all of our models. thanks, melissa. >> nice to see you. >> coming up, sara goes behind the scenes with very popular shows. i heard she's on "jeopardy." >> don't forget these. >> those look good. >> yeah. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] nothing gets you going quite like the power of quaker. today is going to be epic. quaker up. today is going to be epic. nowbye, bye brittle! goes mega plush!
10:33 am
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10:34 am
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10:36 am
it is time for sara in the city. it's almost impossible not to get on tv when you are in this town. >> there's so many getting on. our own sara has tried to bully her way on to a feet foou sets. how did it go? >> there she is. she's is he hard rock cafe. >> it's called name-dropping. it's all fun and games until you get busted sneaking into a show
10:37 am
without a ticket. >> today i'm at stage ten for a taping of "jeopardy." i'm going to see if i can sneak in with the audience. >> what is your name? >> george. >> no. you have to ask who is george? >> i don't know. >> how much do you love alex? >> that much. >> do you think you can love alex or you could love alex? >> all right. ♪ >> i don't have a ticket. sshhhh. ♪ >> my parents are watching. >> what is the morning program that has made drinking before 10:00 a.m. fashionable and regular? >> now, see, you phrased that in
10:38 am
the form of a question. you asked the question. >> how do i -- >> you didn't give the clue. you were supposed to say or should say this program. >> that is delicious. >> colby red. >> what is the fourth hour? >> kathie lee or hoda, which one is more your type? ♪ >> so we've shown you how to get into a show with a ticket. now i'm going to see where this little bad boy gets me, my work id. >> this is my pass. my name is sara. >> we don't -- i don't think so. >> okay. well, 0 for 1. >> wait! wait! can i have a ride? i'm on the road to nowhere. >> where are we going? >> i don't know. where are we going? ♪ >> oh, my gosh.
10:39 am
hi. i work kind of here. does this get me in, like, your -- >> i guess so. >> i'm ely. >> we're kind of family. >> oh. >> this is like exactly how it looks on tv. >> this is "the office" bullpen. >> this is my id to get into "the office." ♪ >> just a little bite. >> i'm sorry. you don't fwul work here. understand? >> i do. i do. see, this is my id. >> we're shooting a television comedy. i play the character of dwight. i'm in preparation for my next scene. >> let's prepare. >> and you are disturbing me. >> let's prepare. >> there's no let's. this is not help. we're about to shoot. >> vocalize. >> excuse me. come here. >> he needs to prepare.
10:40 am
>> kick her out. >> so i tried to get an audience experience today, but i pretty much just crashed a bunch of shows. i think i would recommend for anyone else definitely have tickets in advance. worst case, you can name-drop. kathie lee is going to be doing some favors, and hoda has -- i hope friday. sorry. >> if you are heading to l.a. and you want to be in the audience of a show, just check out their individual web sites. it varies show to show. they do book in advance, so get there nice and early. >> nice to see you guys. >> nice job, sara. we see you. >> all right, honey. the kids are at home, and they're probably getting a little stir crazy. >> actress kelly martin has the end of all of that. >> oh, really? okay. >> coming up. [ hosmer ] i kinda knew their reaction would be a little like, you know, "what are you thinking?" oh, i had a knot in my chest.
10:41 am
i didn't really want her to go but...i knew she could do it. i felt like there were bigger and better things for me to do. [ mom ] she took what she was doing seriously. [ hosmer ] my self-confidence just went through the roof. [ dad ] it was awesome to see her transform from a girl, in a small town, to a soldier. [ male announcer ] you made them strong. we'll make them army strong. talk to your son or daughter about joining the army. find out how at are so soft, chewy, and filled with their fruity selves... they think this world isn't big enough for the both of them. but we assure you - it is. bites. little greatness.
10:42 am
but when i cook up some beef, ketchup, relish and cheese, cover it with crescent dough and pow! cheeseburger crescent casserole. double awesome. pillsbury crescents. let the making begin. ♪ i woke up to a feeling ♪ every little thing has meaning ♪ ♪ i woke up to a light bulb on ♪ every little thing is possible now ♪ [ female announcer ] we always make our kraft singles with milk, and no artificial flavors, so you can be sure there's no single thing better for your grilled cheese. ♪ life is amazing ♪ with the love that i've found ♪ ♪
10:43 am
10:44 am
10:45 am
zoom all right. this is president's day, and that means the kids are probably at home. maybe they're bouncing off the walls. >> they are. >> actress and mom kelly martin, best known for her roles on "life goes on" and "e.r." she's the owner of romp, a children's boutique. >> hi. >> we met when i was 13, when i was on "life goes on." it was one of my first interviews i ever did was with you and regis. >> look, you survived. >> now you're thriving. >> i am. >> you're a mom of a 6-year-old. >> he's so inspired me. my favorite store was closing down, and i decided to buy it. >> oh, wow. >> i am the now the proud owner of romp i brought some of the things that maggie loves to do. my kid is the opposite of plugged in. she is unplugged. i have toys that encourage imagination and creativity. she can make a basket of sticks a toy.
10:46 am
>> that's awesome. >> i love to bake with maggie, so i brought this beautiful baking set. it's got everything you need. it's practical, but it also could be for pretend play. this is the thing i love the most about it. that's a proper pastry cutter. that's very, very french and high-end. >> this is a magic set. my daughter started kindergarten, and she basically came home and wanted to tell jokes and do magic. i think this could keep your child occupied for a week or spring break. this is a bag. if you put something in, then do you the switch-a-roo here, and something else comes out. nothing in there. so this is a fun little magic set. then i have some juggling balls. would anyone like to try that? >> i would like to try it. >> you try them. >> i would like to try. >> i'm actually very good at it. >> she won't come over here and -- >> whoa. you're good. >> can we end the segment right now? >> i feel like by the end of president's day if your child starts, they will be a juggler
10:47 am
by the end of the day. >> keep at it. >> absolutely. >> basically it comes -- starts like this. then it comes with thread and needle and fabric, and by the end your child has made their doll their way. >> given it their own name. >> exactly. i think this is raggedy ann or pipy longstocking. spring is coming, even though it doesn't feel like it in new york. here we're good. the birds are about to come out, and so here's a bird house that you can do yourself. so it comes with paint and paint brushes. it starts like this, and then you can make it like that and have your little feathered friends come out when it's finally warm enough. this is make year own pop-up book. >> oh, my gosh. so adorable. >> make your own pop-up book. it comes with markers and it is like this when it starts. then by the end -- >> look at that. >> it's like that. >> with all the gadgets and stuff out, can you see how a kid will have so much fun with everything on the table.
10:48 am
>> my daughter -- i give her an ipod or ipad, and i'm, like, you can have this, and this is one of my favorite manufacturers. they make this beautiful mosaic toy. it doesn't look exciting, but this, i'm telling you, will keep your child occupied for hours. if they can make it a puzzle. they can make shapes out of it, and they're using their minds and their math skills and all these future skills that they have no idea they're doing at that time because they're having so much fun. because it's president's day -- >> of course, it is. >> here's a little travel puzzle. presidents. maggie only knows about barack obama right now, but i'm going to try to encourage being more. exactly. there are some more. this is a book of whacky presidential facts. you can start that education. >> a little bit. >> these are all terrific. what's your website? >> >> >> great to see you. >> coming up next, we're doing a big workout, baby. it's going to be something. this is "today" on nbc.
10:49 am
10:50 am
10:51 am
10:52 am
>> if you are tired of the gym and all that stuff, well, there is a hot new workout right here. >> it's always the hot sxes latest thing in l.a. it's the combination of boxing, pilates called piloxing. this beautiful lady is the founder. you have a brand new dvd coming out march 1st. you're going to teach us how to -- >> tell us about it. >> make some new moves. our audience also -- they've all got their gloves on. >> this is a mix. pilates and boxing. >> i'm going to get on this side of you. >> you burn maximum calories. like 900 calories in one hour. you want to tone up the body, right? >> you know what, you have half pound bells, and we're toning your arms. ready? we're going to do some boxing
10:53 am
moves. okay? stand like this and box four times forward. here we go. four times. here we go. one, two, three, four. shuffle two, three, four. one, two, three, four. shuffle two, three, four. one, two, three, four. shuffle two, three, four. one, two, three, four. shuffle, two, three, four. >> what? >> the core away and then lift the leg. yes. oh, yes. then you hold, and then you hold it. you want me to hold you. i can hold you. hold your balance. hold your balance. all right. here we go. hit it. hit it. yeah, hit it. roll it out. come on. come on. you know what -- move it, move it, move it. you know what --
10:54 am
>> are celebs doing this? is this really a trendy thing? >> we have hillary duff. we have -- >> you know what -- >> we love it. >> we love melissa. >> we're going to hold your balance again. lifting up the leg. >> we really can't. >> then, you know what, crunch down like this. dw like this, guys. hold that leg. >> i have spanx on. >> i know it. hold it. hold it. go like this. now we're going to get into the energy again. energy. get funk in it. get some funk in it. get some funk in it. oh, yeah. the kick. and shake it. shake it. burn it out, burn it out, baby. burn it out.
10:55 am
>> all right. >> all right. we burned four calories. >> here's the thing, tonight -- coming up tonight we're going to be on "chelsea lately." >> all right, you guys. we have a big show tomorrow. thanks for coming, and we will see you back here tomorrow. [ crickets chirping ]
10:56 am
10:57 am
[ traffic passing ] ♪ [ music box: lullaby ] [ man on tv, indistinct ] ♪ [ lullaby continues ] [ baby coos ] [ man announcing ] millions are still exposed to the dangers... of secondhand smoke... and some of them can't do anything about it. ♪ [ continues ] [ gasping ]
10:58 am
nbc bay area news begins with breaking news. >> good morning and thanks for being with us. i'm marla tellez. >> and i'm jon kelley. an effort under way this morning to recover the body of a man who died in a cliff fall yesterday. this happened at alum rock park. that's where arturo santiago joins us live. the question is why couldn't they recover the body yesterday? >> reporter: well, basically,
10:59 am
marla, there just wasn't enough time. the coroner is on the scene right now. and that scene is just over a mile hike from where we are here on alum rock avenue. i'm told she has to make her way to the body, and then give her approval for search and rescue teams to remove it. the search and rescue volunteers have been standing by this morning. park rangers reported that the body had been found just before 2:00 yesterday afternoon. it appears that the person had fallen 130 to 170 feet off of a cliff. the body had to be left overnight because the train was so rugged and difficult to access, and by the time rescuers got to the body, there just wasn't enough time before it got dark to remove it. the coroner along with the san jose search and rescue and santa clara county search and rescue are working to retrieve the body. it won't be easy because of the nature of the terrain. it will be an extensive and complicated operation. >> the crews are going to have to rappel down the same way the victim had fallen, to gain
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